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List of completely useless thief traits in all modes (PvP, PvE, WvW)


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Instant Reflexes: Long cd and very short window.

Vigorous Recovery: Redundant as simply evading provides vigor.


Hard to Catch: Feels like a joke to be honest.


Upper Hand: Way too low of initiative regain for 2 (PvE)/5 (PvP) second cooldown. (Compare it to Shadow Arts: Shadow's Rejuvenation)


Shadow Arts:

Shielding Restoration: It is not possible to run Shadow Arts with Specter at the moment, thus this trait is useless.


Shadow Savior: Once again, It is not possible to run Shadow Arts with Specter effectively at the moment, thus this trait is useless.


Critical Strikes:

Signets of Power: This is a joke.


Deadly Aim: Pistol is useless as a power option.


Hidden Killer: Outside of weird meme builds, power thief always builds precision and has %100 fury uptime.



Burst of Agility: Long cooldown and enabling condition that makes the stunbreak part of the trait useless.


Pressure Striking: Overshadowed by Trickster and Bountiful Theft even after nerfs.



Impacting Distruption: Nerfed to oblivion.



Second Opinion: Completely overshadowed by Consumed Shadows on the aspect of healing.






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I like the top 3 on Shadow Arts with Specter in WvW, especially if I jump on my template with Jugglemonkey's Shadestep and Sanctuary Rune loadout. I still take those or 1-1-2 SA with Hungering Darkness and a filler Rune like Scavenger normally anyway. 

They could both be more of a burst though and I agree with most of that of that list. Even if they're trying to funnel people into a sort of standard loadout and certain traits will be used like 95% of the time, the others should specialize heavily, even if they end up gimmicky. 

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I think and as many thief players think, Anet took many good aspects of the class away, and as a result they left us with very little option to choose.
There are not much variety among the builds imho. And mostly you are limited with your own play style/skill level.

In terms of traits, almost in each Thief trait line there is only one ideal combination (maybe except Deadly Arts) and rest of the combinations are simply meaningless.

But in general, Thief traits seem to me quite weak, ineffective.
Just some minority of them are better than the pointless majority.
Same applies to some Thief utility/elite skills too (and also some weapon skills).

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5 hours ago, ArcanistSeven.8720 said:

i remember when they killed acrobatics to make Daredevil but some of these traits could literally be deleted from the game and it wouldnt effect a single viable build because some of them are so bad you cant do anything with them


Thief is really badly gutted now. Insane that there are still some weird peoples calling for even more nerfs. Thief has no viable zerg build, it has no grp support, it has subbar build diversity in pvp aswell and you can't even fight anyone 1vs (in PvP). Also in PvE there are much better choices on other classes. Kudos to those which play this class still.

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I was going to object to Hard to Catch, but I was getting confused with Uncatchable.

I do object to Second Opinion, though. The other two adept traits interact with shadow shroud in ways that might not always be desirable. Second Opinion is generally weaker, but it's something that's never going to bite you by consuming all your shadow force at an inopportune moment.

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I disagree strongly on hidden killer. It's a way to dump crit chance and run a build with rounded defenses while still having damage that people in berserker or marauder gear have to respect. Will it do good damage in fractals? no. Does it synergize with a glass cannon build? no. Is it fun, potent in context, and a unique piece of thief identity? Big yes, the biggest yes.



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Pistols aren't a useless power option. I've seen plenty of deadeyes, daredevils, and even core thief make dual pistols work for roaming in WvW. I've tried it out. And it's solid in my opinion. Not as a single solution for all like d/p. But it's viable.


Commonly with daredevil they would drop black powder, and use bounding dodger to get stealth. Looks like they run shadow arts.

They would open up on you with the repeater stealth strike for a pretty chunky burst. And then reset immediately. If they use unload and burn their inot, they'd use black powder or smoke field with yet another dodge.

additionally, calling something a "meme build" is disingenuous. A meta build is meta because it is the simplest build that works for a wide spread of situations with minimal effort. It doesn't mean its the best. Nor the best for the situation. Or best for you 

hidden killer for example is basically for thieves that aren't running pure zerkers or marauders. It's not good for PvE, but PvP and WvW means that a thief can roll out of the gates with Valks or some toughness gear where you only have Ferocity and Power, but no precision.

hidden killer lets you get off some hard damage. When combined with sigils of vision, or runes of daredevil, you can get guaranteed crits for zerkers damage with good survivability. Good way to kitten people off.











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