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  1. It would be possible, especially since there are rifles of similar fashion in PvE. As one example: https://imgur.com/a/x4WzRhX
  2. Well since the current map roughly covers 1/6th of the world, I've always imagined the idea of an invasion from a different continent. But with the lore we have now, I'm sure that would open up a whole case of worms.
  3. I'd say if you have a full ascended set, the defensive ones are definitely worth it. On top of protection, the damage negations from both infusions and traits makes soloing lords pretty doable.
  4. Like annike mentioned "Character building over world building." But also how fractions you join becomes readily irrelevant after each plotline. Especially when they follow the same pattern of: join fraction, put in some work & gain rank, new fraction comes, shift toward the new, forget you still have connections and rank with the old. This repeats until you're railroaded to Dragon's Watch, a rag-tag "guild." The same can be said for all the tech you come across through each story arc. In all, its all missed opportunities to flesh out all the fractions you come across and make
  5. HoT: Interesting map, cheesiest story PoF: Boring maps, best story of the 3 EoD: Best world building, mid story
  6. Firebrands ain't the only source of group stab, there's other classes like scrappers with the defensive shield and elixir b tool belt; Jails revenants with inspiring reinforcement; the rock solid trait from elementalist and so forth that fill in the gaps.
  7. Easier said than done when the group is pumping out stacks of stab every split second
  8. My only gripe is that it has damaging elixrs, considering how engineer had Acidic Elixirs cut in 2015. Like why take away a feature from a class only to give it to another? Much like how core guardian used to have tomes but it was added back to firebrand.
  9. Which make me wonder why was Acidic Elixirs cut from engi?
  10. I say you have to think of it more like a TF2 medic, but focusing more on barrier output than direct heals. Also the Traversing Dark trait seems to have synergy with Shadow Savior and sc/p's Measured Shot. So on max healing power you can pretty much get around 3k per Measured Shot, plus 1.3-1.7k on surrounding teammates from the traits. This is what I've been using which has the heals maxed out with 3 different failsafes before getting downed: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PaABwitrlJwyYbsQ2IeKTlRXA-zxYYPlB9BDrGE4Zkk6qaJqdPEimGGKeV8L-e
  11. Well I wouldn't say fairytale, catalyst are frontliners while willbenders are the rear guards but only on opposite days.
  12. Well the intent of the hammer is becoming even more misleading. According to its lore its designed to be a sluggish yet powerful frontliner. https://imgur.com/a/c2PhR3D
  13. Much like staff ele and old-school engi I just like the analog feel of having to chain my skills, both offensively and defensively.
  14. Can we bring back the acidic elixr trait?
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