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Rework dye channels on old armors.

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New armors usually have perfect dye channels. All the materials, metal, cloth and leather, get their own dye channels.

Whereas older armors such as Commanders armor have the chainmail of the legs and the cloth of the legs in one dye channel.
Meaning you either end up with cloth in the color of steel, or chainmail in vibrant colors.

It would be great for style if such older armors were brought up to standard.

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They could just give it the old flame kissed/ flame walker/ flame wrath treatment.  Add some animated effect to an old armor set and improve the dye channels at the same time.  Then release it in the gemstore as if it were a totally new armor.  We have plenty of old armors to update and several elements other than fire.  

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Speaking of horrible dye channel choices, the town clothes turned into outfits could really use some loving attention.  Along with getting regular trousers and shoes instead of jodhpurs and riding boots, they would work much better if the oddest areas didn't share colors.  But those are no longer gem store purchase items (though they definitely were before the Wardrobe), so ANet likely doesn't feel it's worth fixing them.

Which is probably the same for the old armors, especially with the spaghetti code that apparently lacks proper documentation to help the new hires understand it.

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