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Used the heart on him (N key when it pops up).  Could not kill the corrupted essences; but could run through some of them.  No matter how many times I cycled through pressing N and running through the corrupted essences, I could not get Isgarren down below 66% either

And, just for the heck of it, I took my avatar into one of the archways, away from the action and watched my allies take him down to 66% all by themselves.!

So . . . I'm missing something here.  How is one able to  kill the possessed Isgarren?  Is there a certain amount of time I have to hold down the N key?   If I hold it too long, one of his corrupted parts (marked by a green X) just charges him back up to full strength

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You are not supposed to kill him, you are supposed to free him of the demon.

Simply beat him up until his breakbar shows. Use the Heart to cleanse him (you need to keep cleansing until the breakbar is gone). Once a demonic aspect has been driven out of him, kill it quickly by normal means, then focus on Isgarren again.

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Do you mean Cerus (the demon) or Isgarren (the seer that looks like Djinn)?

You dont need to hold special action key down. Whenever it pops you target Isgarren and click it. It does the animation, breakbar goes down until it breaks. You don't need to interact with those corrupted essences. They literary do nothing unless I guess you walk into them I guess (havent tried). The thing that pops out is a Kryptis that moves slowly towards Isgarren. Need to kill it before it reaches him I guess. I dont really know what happens if it reaches him because it died so easily that it never happened to me. 

Maybe I messed something up between the Cerus and Isgarren fights but the mechanics above still stand. All pretty much what was already seen in events throughout the maps.

If you mean Cerus fight, the first phase you can't kill him. I think you either need to survive for enough time or go down (I went down after some time) and Peitha appears and helps you. Then you can kill him. 

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22 hours ago, VortexNavigator.5348 said:

Thx for the reply.  Unfortunately, I can't kill the demonic aspect in time . . . no matter what I do.    Can't take his breakbar totally down either.  It's as if I'm having no effect with my attacks on him or any of the corruptions that spawn.   I'm running a condi reaper, perhaps that's contributing to the problem

Break bars regenerate whilst they are not being affected by CC. The best strategy to use against a breakbar if you don't have loads of hard CC that you can chain to burst it down is to apply soft CC in between, like cripple, slowness, Immobilize and chill, they will keep the bar from regenerating as well as slowly work towards dropping it. 

If you can't kill the aspect in time then it's a dps issue, but I can't fathom how you could be doing that low dps unless you're literally running off common gear. 

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I've just finished running one of my power-based avatars through episodes 8 thru 10, and as I expected my power-based build made it through everything much, much more easily.  

All of this started when I got bit by the bug that stalls a character in episode 8, scanning the Tier 2 rifts.  Arenanet has tickets on this issue (see the thread on this forum about it). 

My favorite power build was the one that stalled. 

So I switched to my condi reaper and worked the story with it.  I hit episode 8 and didn't get hit by the bug.  However, the problems I described are/were real. 

My condi reaper has full ascended gear and all sorts of CC and Defiance Break capabilities.  Apparently, however, I needed more burst damage capability, because I could only get half-way to killing that green-X essence before it rejuvenates the possessed Isgarren avatar

Your comment about DPS resonated with me.  So I bought an uncommon Kryptis Motivation for 3.8G that's the current workaround to deal with the stall bug, so I could run my power build (a scrapper) past the stall to finish the story.  My scrapper had no problem with Isgarren . . . in any of his forms

Anyway, thanks for your thought on this; they helped

I'm wondering if others with condi builds have experienced what I did with mine.  If so Arenanet may need to address a power build "bias" for that particular boss


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