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Loot: vendor, salvage, tp, collect what is meta?


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What is present standard for dealing with loot?

Rare - salvaging with 20% kit for ectoplasm seems to be better, however 25% salvage if i get bonus ecto once in 25 shots that is profit.

Fine, Master - could salvage with basic, but each time the profit seems less than vendor value. So maybe it is better to just vendor it, and buy mats i need. Or maybe i should use better salvage kit.

There is also tp option, however i need tax evasion code otherwise it could be less than vendor (sometimes), there is post not instant, but if the difference is small why bother, if difference is big it could be candidate for 10y tp bet. You can post it but nobody will ever buy it. There is a difference, not everything i post is bought.

Exotic, there are some cheap one, which are great for gearing up alts, the 30silver one, could tp, but maybe just salvage them, they seems to give 2 ecto more ofthen than not.

Also with salvage materials, should i post them, or maybe reforge them into something?

So what is your strategy?

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Fine or below: Copper-Fed (2nd best=mystic).
Masterwork without upgrades: Copper-fed (2nd best= mystic).
Masterwork with upgrades: Runecrafter's(2nd best=mystic)(3rd=silverfed).
Rare (< lvl 68)(with +major upgrade):  Runecrafter(2nd best=Mystic).
Rare (≥ lvl 68)(with +major upgrade): Mystic (2nd best= Silverfed).
Rare (< lvl 68)(no upgrade): Copper fed (2nd best= Mystic).
Rare (≥ lvl 68)(no upgrade): Mystic (2nd best= Silverfed)(3rd best=runecrafter).
Rare/Rare - Elonian Set (≥ lvl 68)(no upgrade): Mystic (2nd best= Silverfed).
Exotic(< lvl 68)(with+superior upgrade): runecrafters(2nd=mystic).
Exotic(≥ lvl 68)(with+superior upgrade): mystic (2nd= silverfed).
Exotic(< lvl 68)(no upgade): copper fed(2nd=mystic).
Exotic(≥ lvl 68)(no upgrade): mystic(2nd=silver fed).


Tldr: Black lion for everything that has expensive upgrades.
Mystic for everything that drops ectos (rare/exotic >68lv).
Runecrafter [&AgFBXQEA] for everything that doesnt drop ectos (<68lv) but has an upgrade.
Copper-fed for everything that doesnt drop ectos and doesnt have upgrades. And never salvaged unidentified gear, either sell or ID.

Sell or salvage guide- https://imgur.com/gYhBYUw

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