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The Predator more material-expensive than other 2-handed Leggies?

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Hey folks!

I just noticed to my dismay that the Hunter Experiment seems to be more material-expensive than, say, the Experimental Daysword.

Barrel: 30 DeldriStock: 30 Spiritwood


Daysword Blade: 15 DeldriDaysword Hilt: 15 Deldri

Either I missed something, like rifle being massively OP and thereby justifying the higher cost or that's just unbalanced?

Any input is appreciated!

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@Ayrilana.1396 said:Wood has always been more expensive than metal. One reason you’ll see the imbalance is because you can salvage both weapon and armor for metal but only weapons for wood. I also want to say that metal nodes are more numerous but that’s more based on observation.

Well at the very least there are rich metal and no rich trees.

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