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Weapon contest skins and release?


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@"Ayumi Spender.1082" said:After the contest, they have to model it, texture it, add the usual "Won't come out exactly like the art and we took artistic priviledge to change certain parts and features", and so on and so on.It can and will take a while. Not just a little over a month.You know very well it will be gemstore.

And once all that is done it needs to fit into their release schedule.

For gem store items that's probably relatively easy - add it to the list on the next release day when there's not too much stuff already. For in-game items it's more complicated because of course they need content that awards it, and if it's anything more complicated than adding it to a vendor that will need testing and will need to fit into the release schedule. It might be something included with the next Living Story release, or if they want to do something more ambitious like new collections it might take longer.

So my guess is it will come alongside the next Living Story release at the earliest, but may be one or even two releases after that.

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