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What to best do with Ascended materials when you don't play Fractals?

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A lot of materials needed for Ascended crafting have a relatively high drop rate, can't be sold to vendors or on the Trading Post, and are useless if you're not interested in Ascended equipment.

  • Piles of Bloodstone Dust
  • Crystalline Ore
  • Dragonite Ore
  • Empyreal Fragments
  • Bottles of Airship Oil
  • Piles of Auric Dust
  • Ley Line Sparks

Dragonite Ore can be fed to the Queen which you can get by completing a Lion's Arch.If you have HoT, you can get Herta to feed Piles of Bloodstone Dust to.And if you have Living World Season 2 (I think?), you can get some other gizmo to feed Empyreal Fragments.

But what about the rest? Is there anything useful you can do with these? I've been stashing them, but they're clogging up my Bank.

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Do your daily ascended crafting and sell the refined bits. If you have no interest in legendaries, sell Jeweled Dowels and Patches for maximum gold gain.

You can check out sites like GW2BLTC.com to find out which of the recipes are most profitable. The two wood ones aren't currently, but the rest are (some less, some more, with variations daily|weekly|monthly as to which is best).

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I keep 250 in my mats storage and that's it. The rest I destroy. If I ever want to make ascended gear, I can't go through more then that in a day anyway because of the crafting cooldowns, so there's no point in stockpiling. I can just go get more while the cooldown is running.

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Trash HoT currencies if you don't need them or don't have any plans about making a leggie.Or else, convert some into fulgurite ( better than trashing ).

About Bloodstone dust, Empyreal Fragments and Dragonite ore, the best deal is always this


ps: if you have enough ascended materials stacked ( i mean ingots and stars ) obviourly. Regardless the fact you don't have any plans, it's better to make some.

pps: i currently don't use anymore the old 3 items ( princess, mawdrey, star of gratitude ) becasue

  • It's easier to convert 25 + 25 currencies.
  • random number of uses.
  • 3 slots vs 1 slot.
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Just stockpile some refined Bloodstone Dust, Empyreal Fragments and Dragonite Ore, then delete whatever you loot. There is no need to hoard that stuff, and the gizmos are a waste of your time, because they give trash. The only reason I keep the gizmos is because Anet might change them or require them for something else in the future.

I have about 45 bricks, stars and ingots in my storage and delete all ascended mats I get in addition. Remember, storage is valuable real estate.

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