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They should make them for winning more than 150 games in the season and go up from there (to encourage playing more and trying to win more than worrying about placement) driving an achievement with victory as the way might actually change or alter the state of pvp

an achievement about winning

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This emote/title system needs to be changed, but will it be ? It seems quite complicated and not a must.. So far, the fix would be :

  • Merging most PvE titles together into a big one ( i.e Tyrian Legend title) with several tiers being like rank 1 = obtain 10 PvE titles, rank 5 = obtain 50,...
  • Merging PvP titles together a big one + adding special emotes for divisions

Way too many titles today, you can't notice special or unique ones and you don't pay attention to them anymore

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@"Chilli.2976" said:We had unique emotes like we had in GW1 Heroes' Ascent - the current emotes are not unique at all and don't require skill, just play time.


Literally, HA emotes required no skill to get. You could simply farm UW (first HA map) for it. It was just very time-consuming to get it that way.

The only Emote / Title that was actually prestigious were the Champion Title / "/Guild".

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