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Repairing IG-6417 No Holographic Display

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As far as I know, prior to the patch, this worked fine as many people including myself now have the completed backpack. Have you been farming them in the Specimen Chamber? According to Dulfy: Gravitic Repulsion Unit/Holographic Display drop off Inquest Golems. You can get them from the Specimen Chamber pre-event as well since the Inquest waves have a bunch of golems in them.

Source: http://dulfy.net/2018/03/07/gw2-ig-6417-inquest-backpacks-collections-guide/

Again, this was prior to the patch and game update. Not sure if it bugged afterwards though.

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Whenever there's a random drop for a collection, some people get it right away, most get it quickly, and a small fraction of us struggle. It's not a bug, just a limitation of keeping things interesting with RNG instead of just grind.

For me, it's been things like Tiger Claws (which was especially annoying since, at the time, there were no concentrations of tigers near each other).

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