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Baubles and Bubble Baubles in the wallet please?

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I'm at the point where I no longer have anything I need to buy from the vendors from SAB and because the other items I can buy with them also cost other currencies that I'm NOT overflowing on, I don't really feel like spending them on overpriced obsidian shards and stuff.. so while they take up inventory space I just.. throw them away now. That will kind of suck if they ever add new worlds to the thing (slim chance now I know but hey, never know).. would be nice if they just went in the wallet so I didn't have to worry about them.

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ANet has said that it's not possible to put the baubles in the wallet: in effect, we walk into SAB and it's a different game, where (among other things) the inventory follows different rules (e.g. no access to a bank, even with the relevant gizmos).

It seems more reasonable for the bubbles to be in the wallet, but then... we wouldn't have access to them from within the lobby. Is that a fair trade off for most people? Considering that only 15% of people (on Gw2 Efficiency) have completed World 1 Classic (all three zones in W1) this year and fewer than 4% have donated 100 units to Drooburt... it seems unlikely that all that many of us are affected by a "too many bubbles" problem.

I'm not against the idea; I just doubt ANet will consider it worth accommodating.

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