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Please Allow Us to Skip Dialogue

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3 hours ago, Blindefender.9834 said:

I have decided the rewards are not worth sitting through Living Story dialog again. Also, many of the achievements are mutually exclusive requiring listening a second time. Then if you fail to get the achievement you're after, you will need to sit through it yet again!

As someone who could barely stand these cartoon characters droning one about their troubles the first time, having to listen to it several more times for a legendary amulet is simply too much.


Sorry they only handed this to you on a silver platter instead of a gold one. You're more than welcome to work on it through the general means of PvE (Aurora), PvP (Transcendence), etc.

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14 hours ago, Follyfoot.2803 said:

Take the stories off the shelf and let us just buy the goods attached.  Please stop punishing us for supporting your game.

Well, now you're just describing a regular store instead of a game.

...and you're not "being punished" because you can't pay through 100% of the game lol.

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