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Would you like an Iron man mode in GW2?

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Big games such as Runscape and WoW (wowchallenges.com) have an Iron man challenge. I believe Guild Wars 2 has itself in a unique position where the game is straight forward enough to introduce an Iron man challenge without it being too frustrating but also rewarding for the player.

**Here's some things that I would probably like to see in an Iron man mode if it were introduced into GW2.**

  1. Permadeath (toggleable)
  2. Only allowed to use 'Basic - Fine' gear
  3. Can only earn experience through world activities
  4. Can't access any aspect of the Black Lion Trading Company
  5. Contests/leagues/seasons for iron man challenges

These are just some ideas. This could be a feature update that ArenaNet introduce or a set of rules created by a 3rd party of players in order to encourage other players to try this gameplay style. Sort of like how wowchallenges.com does it.

This is just a concept, though I'd love to know what you think. Be sure to do the poll!

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I only vote no because you can already do this by enforcing the restrictions upon yourself. Which would probably be fun! But I would not be in favor of Dev time being put toward it, nor for exclusive rewards being awarded to it (which I know was not suggested, but it's what I believe would happen). Plus I suspect there would be far too many tickets submitted to restore permadead characters because they chose the option by mistake. The concept itself is fun and I'd definitely encourage trying it out. I've seen others do similar challenges like pacifist - where a player levels to 80 without killing a creature (or even equipping a weapon in some cases). Or a Ranger that acquires rarer pets at the lowest level possible.

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I have seen suggestions like this before in other games, and truth be told, while I have seen guilds and individuals do this kind of thing purely for the sake of challenging themselves, I have never seen a developer implement something like this into the game itself.

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I think the idea needs some work, but I'm all for more gameplay options. The ability to create a character that has a seperate wallet, bank and material storage, for example, is something you simply can't replicate without making an F2P character or intentionally gimping your account as a whole

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