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Sylvari or Charr - what fits the Revenant theme better?


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Hey there!

I just wanted to start a brand new character and I chose the Revenant. That was an obvious choice for me. The race is another challenge for me now... I already have a Sylvari Necromancer themed around death, dusk and all that stuff. I made another Sylvari Revenant that's got almost the same name as the other one (changed just one letter) with the same theme, death, mists and this time night instead of dusk. In my mind they're some kind of "twins" or "sibblings" etc.

But here comes the problem: I really don't want to play another Sylvari quest-/lore-wise. So I made a Charr... my first ever. And I really like it overall. I am not sure though if it fits the theme (his father was a sorcerous shaman in the Flame Legion and he is a very talented "sorcerer/magician" by himself but wants to part ways with the legacy of his father, he's got some skulls in his haircut for another reference to death...).

So here are pictures of both characters. Which one of the characters fits Revenant better in your opinion (and why)?



(I don't want the pictures to be so big!)

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mines a charr and i have done a lot on him. but to be honest I would reccomend another race unless u just really love charr, mainly for the armor clipping issues others have said, a lot of armor choices look stretched and weird on charr with bad helmet options, and some of the animation i prefer on the other races. like staff animations look slower on charr and such. I've tried re-rolling to an asura and i like their animations and armor better but I have completed so much on my charr idk if it'll be a permanent reroll.

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@"Funky.4861" said:I don't see any pictures, but remember that charr have LOTS of armour-clipping issues. Also, charr-revenant walks the well-trodden Rytlock path (imo).

you'll see a lot less of this problems with armors released after HoT


But older "skirt" armors are still a problem

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