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Shield Generators and defense


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I think shield generators can make a keep look really futuristic and disco funky all over the outer wall. Sometimes I use them for defense unless I am on my PoF only account, and then I get sad as I cannot man them. Other times they are funky for saving walls, but they are equally funky at not giving participation. Those are my funky thoughts. Funky fresh. My thoughts are.

  • They can help with defending, but in most cases they are used from the attacking side in which case 3 of them becomes impenetrable unless you suicide if you can get through the blob at which point your disabler will get blocked anyway or you will get blown up
  • 3 shield gens can cover each other +siege making it a little more difficult for defense
  • los from defensive side is also at a disadvantage (also because of certain settings like "snap to ground"), not being able to block either from just below the wall, and from splash damage

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking of though, would you care to elaborate in more detail, before I get more funky fresh on this.

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They need to reduce the ability to do what is in the picture. Maybe a radius around the gen that makes it so no other gen can be placed 360 around it.Right now, we just get blobs with multiple rams/catas/gens, and they can perma shield everything in one bubble where not even a disable is possible. We should be trying to discourage the blobs not enabling them. Scourges do that enough as it is.

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