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Normalize the racial elite CDs

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Can any1 reduce the cd on this skill to like.. 105sec? or 90 maybe? pls tyvm

edited title:

Most of the racial elites dont rly change much in the builds since they are so weak, and the cna defo stay that weak, but Id rly like to see their cds lowered for some more fluent use for fun builds.

also, if u wanna talk about racial novelties, this is wrong thread to do that in, make a new one instead

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@derd.6413 said:

@YoukiNeko.6047 said:It might be for the better to just remove all racial skills.

Or rework them into gizmo skills entirely. I wouldn’t mind the Norn shapeshifting ones becoming permanent Costume Brawl “tonics” so that you could at least role play with them a bit if you want.

Race exclusive novelties perhaps

Yeah. Especially with the new wardrobe system they just added forgoing the need of having a physical item in your inventory to use them now.

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Yes, please reduce them to 90. Or even 60.

Reason is that they ARE bad. So bad, that the more you use them, the worse you get. So we might as well be able to use them more often just for flavor and fun - my Norn would LOVE this, just for lulzing around in open world. But can you imagine a Norn in Wolf Form 50% of the time? It would be comically underpowered! It's such a bad skill that reducing the cooldown would be a NERF.

Hounds of Balthazar and D Series Golem would need to be the sole exceptions, since they are actually effective as skills.

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@"joneirikb.7506" said:TLDR: Nope

Basically all racial skills are designed specifically to be under powered compared to all class skills. This is specifically to avoid players creating metas where you're supposed to have a specific race to "be the best" at something. At such, they've succeeded (except for jumping puzzles, but that is irrelevant of the actual skills).

Example, there was a time where the Norn's Bear and Snow Leopard skills where 2 of the best elites in WvW, because their Charge ability let you run like 2 maps away super fast. This got changed, hard. I'm still very sad about that, was so happy I was playing Norn on my guard and finally had a useful elite skill ;)

I've suggested before that they should just change them to a toggle on/off, or at least let you stay in the form for as long as you wanted, and trigger the CD when you leave it. Considering how going into the forms are mostly a downgrade in damage/survival for most characters, I didn't see this as a big problem. But someone else pointed out that it would actually define the dungeon meta, because Bear/Snow Leopard, while nerfed, would still allow people to bypass more in dungeons, and thus become the defacto norm for speed-running.

So there you have it, we can't have nice things, because "humans".

Just pasting from the last thread, lazy today :p

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@Ovalkvadratcylinder.9365 said:

@derd.6413 said:Racial skills must be bad so no


Because best-in-slot racial skills incentivize Anet to force shifts of the meta-race in raiding/pvp through balancing, as can be seen in WoW for example. There's always been a handful of blatantly overpowered racials, which get shifted around every other expansion or given to new races. Which is super fucking cancer for the players who get to pick between being underpowered by choice, or rewarding the developer for this shady practice (by paying for a race change or spending weeks rerolling to the de-facto best race).

By having racial skills underpowered Anet is avoiding pissing the more minmax-oriented and balance-sensitive players off and avoiding giving themselves incentives for business-practices that make their playerbase resent them.

That's my take on it and I'm thankful that Anet is handling racial skills the way they are.

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