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Scourge : power berserker


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The condi burn scourge is actually quite disappointing. This spe was hypothetical best condi them reaper (remember the 1st video) ... but after testing this WE : no way to have a correct DPS.

So, i'm going to try this :http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQRBHbhG2JJNQLNYNNgVvAbvYpWwmWCtgtA0cKAMD0bsT2OLA-jxRBABP8QAoU9HzUC+/+DAcGAwT/wVK/AA-eYou can with this build stack might easily (F1 + F3 + F5 + dessicate + ghastly breach) : you can play support and give might to your allies. Ghastly breach and shroud give you 25 might.Correct DPS, shroud can be spammed and deal damage.

Survival is based on :Wells and blood magic : protect, celerity (rune of chronomancer) and lifedrain.Barrier (F3 + F5)Dagger (2)

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Not enough : chillreaper do it better.Some traits are unsynergique :Demonic lore trigger only one per 3 second per target ... difficult to stack like bleed with chillTerryfing Descent require terror ... but we are only 2 terrors (F4 + staff) and plaguelandPunishement trigger fire only if you convert a bons to condition ... in PVE ... boons on mob ?

Shade rquire a 3th hand or to play piano but the impact are unbalanced / poor

Survival ? I can solo dungeon with chillreaper, not with a burn scourge.


My next objectif is to pass to mix a pure DPS berserker build with a condit burn like czerwoni : without septer; staff ...

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