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[Spoiler for LS4 EP3] Spoilers in update notes


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"Palawa Joko is gone" - in the very first non-title line of the update notes.

Apparently this happens regularly with updates and I'm not really sure why. This time I looked I haven't been playing much the last few months and now that I decide to come back for regular play, the plot for most of living season 4 seems to be over in that single sentence right at the top of the update notes.

It's a very big spoiler and I don't really see the point behind it. And certainly not in putting it right within my gaze on an updates page (I was actually looking for any profession balance changes). It's not news for those who have been playing, but it's certainly a damper for me, and possibly other players who have been off for a while, which includes potential customers who need to purchase the new living world due to not logging in.

I think whoever writes the patch notes should consider leaving these out from now on, or putting a tag on it somehow.

By contract, the very next line "But when a leadership summit in Jahai receives an unexpected guest, Elona finds itself at the center of yet another crisis. How will Aurene and her champion cope with the immense task they now face?" - is more than enough to get people excited for the new story IMO.

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