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PvP / WvW without microphone?


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Hi all,

I’m a returning player who never really got involved in PvP or WvW the first time around.

I was thinking of playing in them this time but don’t have a microphone with my headphones. Is that going to be a problem or are those modes completely playable/enjoyable without them?

Note: I’m also not the fastest typist so probably won’t be doing much text chat either.

I guess I’m basically just asking whether those modes require me to communicate with others or if I can fully solo them?

Thanks for your help.

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I was in WvW-only guild for few years, raiding in WvW almost daily basis without a mic. Not just because I do not own it, but my spoken English is also terrible. Never had problems becuse of that, also about 1/4 of our guild never spoke so I was not even only one.

As long the comm and some other members are able to speak and coordinate, it is fine if couple people lack the mic. Obviously you still must join the proper discord/TS channel to listen.

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