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New Armor Sets

Iason Evan.3806

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The new armor sets look really great but they are so similar. There were Elonian and Sunspear armors in GW1 Nightfall and they were totally different looking sets. I know the set in GW2 isn't Sunspear it's Spearmarshal but as the Spearmarshals are the leaders of the sunspears it made the most sense.

The Elonian and Spearmarshal sets in PoF are just variations on the same theme. They are cool looking sets but they both should be their own distinct sets.

This expansion is really well done but I do think the lack of earnable and craftable armor sets is a longstanding and ongoing issue I would like to see addressed.

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@Hyper Cutter.9376 said:

@Fenom.9457 said:Your post included more information than the wardrobeThey really do need to update that, I don't know if PoF stuff not being visible until unlocked is intended or what but it's really kitten.

this. I like to see what I'm getting before for I set out on a mad long quest just to unlock the armour.I have a feeling it was intended, to keep people chancing the carrot as it were. later they might add it to wardrobe to let the other hopefuls know what they might be missing out on.Even the new weapons are not in the wardrobe.No sir.. i don't like it!

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