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Is charged quartz optional or not?

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Charged quartz is used as follows:

  • Skyscale Toy: one, the grow lamp, requires 10 charged quartz. Self-crafted Lamp requires 7-8g worth of mats; TP value is 24-30g.
  • Pieces of Skyscale Food: 12 pieces required, meaning 12 more quartz. ~74s of mats each, ~8.5g total; alternatively, total TP cost is ~36g.
  • Extra-Pungent Skyscale Treats: 100% optional by participating in events, climbing heights (including JPs). Or you can skip these events by consuming EPS Treats nearby. Each costs 1 charged quartz plus ~4g of mats or TP value of ~5-7g

Your options:

  • Acquire the Skyscale without any charged quartz at all, by paying a premium of 60 gold.
  • With 22 charged quartz, avoid that extra cost.
  • Additionally, if you want to skip some requirements, you can spend 0 to 140 gold (the first treat is free). If you don't skip, you can earn 5 gold (after fees) by selling the 'free' treat.

edit: clarifying & typo fix

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