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Swipe is not properly working.


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Hello everyone, and I hope, Anet staff.The new steal for Daredevil, Swipe, isn't working as intended. Well it is, but not everytime, let me explain :

  • When coupled with other abilities (Heartseeker + Swipe for example), it often goes on 5 second cd when out of range.The problem about that bug is that let's assume you want to reach your target with Heartseeker+swipe, while you're channeling HS you would spam swipe so whenever you're in its range you'd port, but then it goes on a 5 second CD before you even get in range. So it doesn't even punish "not knowing your range".
  • Another problem occurs as well when using swipe while channelling other spells, it sometimes gets blocked, and this is pretty unfortunate considering how gamebreaker is a missed "steal/swipe" in this meta.

Tell me if you have more details about these bugs, and how to avoid them. On the other hand, I hope to see these bugs get fixed as soon as possible and more than that, Anet communicating about this before next patch.

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Yeah I've mentioned it before that swipe goes on CD when you know you're in range especially if you couple it with another skill, making it a disadvantage or death scenario. It tends to go CD more often than not. Even if I don't combo it with an hs+swipe/sshot+swipe it can even just go on CD with the smallest obstructed (don't forget camps and some areas in WvW have the worst obstructed that haven't been fixed, and this doesn't just affect thieves). Steal was more reliable even though at times it too was affected - the 600 range thing needs looking at, or the triggering of the CD to make swipe more reliable at this closer up of a range, or add something to Marauders resilience since swipe is just going to get you killed due to its unreliability.

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