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[Dragon Bash 2019] Dragon Piñatas no longer giving Zhaitaffy

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Speculation: as with most other nodes, you can only farm each once per instance. However, when you re-enter Hoelbrak, you might be in the same instance you entered previously, thus the Piñatas only look as if they are full with candy again, when (again, as with other nodes), they are not.

The easy way to test is to see if you can spawn into a different instance (perhaps partying up with a friend) and whack the same node.I've only had time to do a spot check: sometimes, I've gotten candy from the same location, sometimes not. I wasn't yet checking for /ip.

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Something I noticed.. I looted pretty much every pinanta first run, then swapped to a fresh toon and entered hoelbrak on a new instance.I was able to loot the first 4 pinata's again for 19 Zhaitaffy then they stopped rewarding any... so my take is there is a daily limit on zhaitaffy drops. The piñata's still progress the various achievements though regardless, so not all bad.

EDIT - I just ran the map for todays yield.. I think there are 33 pinanta's on the map.. - I did those and got 164 Zhaitaffy.. then relogged to a new toon went Hoelbrak and was able to smash 2 further pinanta which yielded 11 Zhaitaffy.. so either 35 pinanta's is the daily limit to drop Zhaitaffy or 175 Zhaitaffy from Pinanta's is the daily limit.However there appears to be no limit as to the pinanta counting towards the Bash achievements.

Either way it looks like getting those ridiculous amounts of Jorbreakers is going to be a long slog for the average (got a life away from GW2) player unless your prepared to whip out the credit card and convert lots of gems to gold and buy it all

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