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Unspecified Error when attempting to purchase gems

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I ran into this problem for the first time tonight. I always buy through PayPal and never had a problem before but now, instead of taking me to PayPal, it just blinks “payment authorization failed.” :confused: I guess I’ll have to submit a ticket if I still get this error tomorrow. Hopefully Grenth’s mask will be available for a few days at least!

EDIT: Worked fine today! Now I’m not entirely sure whether I ran into a bug last night or missed checking a box... If the latter, the error message could have been more helpful in calling this to my attention!

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Same issue now, tried on and off for the past 5 hours or so, thinking it was a temporary down.

Restarted computer and modem, disabled firewall on computer and modem, cleared cache. Called bank, confirmed no transactions going through, had them sit on the phone when I tried again. Nothing.


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This kind of errors exists for over a year now. Unfortunatly, Arena.Net made their stance clear in another thread on this topic:

@Stephane Lo Presti.7258 said:

@"B O N K.6210" said:Well there is a surprise, I come back to the game, try to buy gems to move servers and Anet has a broken payment system, that seems to have been going on for over 6 months, and there answer, instead of fixing the issue, is for everyone suffering with the problem to submit a support ticket, I was trying to buy 16k gems, $200 and I cant, and I refuse to submit a support ticket to get a fix that Anet should be fixing double time, as they are losing money from I am sure alot more people then myself over this error.Anet if you want mine and other peoples money, i would suggest you figure this out quick and get a fix in place. Probably changing from Digital River would be a good start.

The reason why we ask players to submit a ticket in these cases is that troubleshooting this kind of issue oftentimes requires sharing personal information, that we will not allow anybody to do on the forums for security reasons. Payment systems are also complex and we also don't want a back and forth on the forums, but an agent from the Customer Support team will help you if you do chose to contact them at help.guildwars2.com

Just in case you haven't checked them yet, there's a few Knowledge Base articles that could be helpful to you:

Even though I couldn't disagree more with Mr. Lo Presti in regards of content and company policy shown in his response, he made Arena.Nets stance on that matter pretty clear.So you either go through the fuzz of submitting a payment issue ticket, or save your money. Out of personal experience I can tell you- the error won't solve itself. Good luck.

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If you're experiencing this error or similar problem with giving Anet your money, and have not put a ticket in, PUT IN A TICKET.If you have put in a ticket, don't just check your email for updates, check the support page and look for MY TICKETS.Whenever someone goes into your ticket, it will update and you'll at least know someone has seen it and is working towards a solution.

That being said, I put in at ticket two days ago, and after doing similar phone calls to the card provider, the issue is being investigated, and is definitely either on Anet's end or at Digital River (the transaction processing company for Anet).

Now hopefully they get it fixed before all the crap I wanted to waste ... err spend my money on goes off sale.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:You don't agree that sharing personal information on the forums would not be a good idea?

I think most would rather keep their personal information off a public website.

Ofc I do think that that would be a bad idea.The point is- what additional information do they need besides the affected account name, which in most cases is indentical with the forum name (unless people post for their partners or alt accs).Anything else should already be logged internal anyway. And IF they would need some additional data, they can still contact us through a private message or the e-mail linked to the account.If they'd just opened a sticky thread "Gemstore payment issues" giving affected players the opportunity to simply leave their account names and may be the payment methode that causes that omnipresent error message, I'm pretty sure they'd get way more feedback.Yes, that would require some "thinking outside the common CS box", yes it would probably cause some more work for their support team, but kitten, if that was my company and there's an issue with the only durable source of income- I'd get my CS team in line double time.

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