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Looking for a particular look

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Don't really know which category is the best... but here is the dilemma:53VxaU2m.jpgBigger version: Right-click -> show image -> in url remove the "m" before .jpg

I would like to make a character that look like that, but hey, hard to find a skirt when you are female asura. I found the aetherblade leggings light one perfect but hey human female only! pff, then I found aurora light leggings wow but FEMALE HUMAN ONLY it's a joke? So finally thought about the glorious armor leggings but hey, PVP ONLY blergh

I think I now understand that female light asura are hated, even considered male by many armor sets but at this point, the skirts are simply exclusive to human... can't they be available for asura too? For the rest I can definitely manage to find something: Overseer kuda hairs, adept chestplate (culltural)....

So i'm here, anyone suggesting using another armor for a similar skirt effect and possibly easy to obtain? Can't glorious reward track be added in WvW? Imho rewards track should be available in any gamemode. Some outfits are cool for that but well the rest of the outfit is bad. I definitely had more diversity as heavy. Thanks by advance for any help.

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You can see a gallery of light armour on female asura here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Asura_female_light_armor You can also see all of them by going to any bank and using the Wardrobe tab to preview all the armour skins on your character.

Considering the usual complaint about light armour (on all races) is that it's nothing but skirts I would have thought there would be one suitable for you. The Nightmare Court (Twilight Arbor dungeon set) one might work, or Savant (asuran cultural tier 3) - they're both more 'complicated' than the one in your drawing, but you might be able to tone that down by using the same dye in all the channels so the different parts aren't so distinct. There's also the Apostle armour from the WvW Legacy armour reward track, and the Carapace and Leystone armour from Silverwastes and HoT maps.

There's probably more too, that's just what I spotted on a quick look through the gallery. I definitely recommend previewing them in-game to see which ones work best for you.

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@"Danikat.8537"thanks for the tips ;), through that every light is a skirt is false, the ones saying that are playing human or sylvari maybe norn, 3/4 of the armors are skirts when previewed on humans as example but they all turn into regular pants or legplates if asura. Some obvious examples:

6jay0zF.jpgI can make that template with almost any armor.Even the nice eyepatch from aurora is turned into an abomination.Same for aetherblades: steampunk glasses -> splatoon glasses(ps: twilight arbor one turn into a chimera if used on asura, very ugly)

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Once again a funny challenge. Let's just see ...


Alternative Shoulders

Alternative Gloves

This works because the Flame Legion Vestments cover the entire body. That is nice trick when you have problems finding a suitable leggin-skin, just see if you find any full-body-skin that fits. The only tricky part are the arms, which can be easily covered with long glove skins as shown above. You can mix & match on your own. There are some shoulder-skins which turn the upper part of the robe more into a coat, while others looks more like separate shoulders.

Good luck!

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Eh there are tons of Asuran skirts for light (from what I understood that was what you wanted). Hmmm... I dont normally throw together clothes, but wasnt too hard to make something like this:


Mursaat brogans (feet, gives you the claws), carapace skirt (I struggled to find something that would nicely mesh with the chest in that color scheme), elegy gambeson (give a bit of similar chest detail in your pic sort of-ish), elegy paulets (well there are probably dozens of "generic shoulder pads"). Wrist I think was mistforged, never noted them down. Well they have a little blue gem on them at least lol. Ignore the ears, I just picked something... blue.

Sidenote: and yes maybe they are pants... but a sideskirt is a still a skirt imo. There all full skirts as well but most are much thicker in the waist than what fits a "leather jacket" style chest, hence why I said it was hard to make something look good with it.

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