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Is Tyria 7th Elder Dragon?


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I recently played the Personal Story and A Vision of Darkness, and I came up with a theory that Tyria is actually the 7th Elder Dragon, it is all purely theorical.

The words that the Pale Tree said:So much darkness. So much evil. How long can Tyria survive, with this blight upon her soul?

Like she would be actually calling Tyria not as a planet anymore, but as a person, that actually feels, maybe even is intelligent.

Sylvari has always been interesting to me, because of the Dream, and that all of the Sylvari have some wisdom of Tyria, even not really being on it. Like the Pale Tree, that was actually planted on ground, was born on this wisdom itself.

Like if the Dream was actually a being of some sort, like the Pale Tree's Avatar as the Pale Tree itself said: I am simply its caretaker (The Knight's Duel), as if by attacking and killing her, you would actually get an access to Tyria itself.

That cinematic is very strange and may confirm my theory:

We can see the Player Character going towards... The Pale Tree, that opens the way to the center of the All. We can see the orbs flying around, as if they were fighting, and there is one orb that hits the very center of the All - Mordremoth's.

As it would symbolize that Mordremoth himself would want to break the Caretaker of the Dream itself, and later Tyria herself.

If you get into details of this cinematic of the All from Glint's perspective, you can see the ground itself is crashing, and here you can see the EXACT same represenation of the center:


(In Omadd's machine it looks like that: https://imgur.com/a/psceOFE)

Except there is a very big difference, the center is green, it's uneasy, the orbs are fighting around it, and in the All from A Way Forward, it's actually in contrary, it's actually getting healed...

As if the Caretaker, and Tyria itself are being empowered by some crystal blue magic - is it the magic of Aurene?

In the end Kralkatorrik said: "Mother"

I am pretty sure he meant the Caretaker, the Mother Tree herself, but I don't think her alone...

I believe he was truly calling to Tyria - that I believe actually gave a birth to all life on Tyria, and the Dragons themselves too.

I think Tyria was once a great Elder Dragon (something like we believe Aurene will be, the one that shares the magic with everyone, even the Elder Dragons themselves), but her children, the ancestors of Kralkatorrik, Jormag, Mordremoth, Zhaitan, Deep See Dragon and Primordus took advantage of Tyria, and trapped her in a very core of Tyria (the planet). When the final circle of Elder Dragons' rising began, Tyria used her power to actually steal one of Mordremoth's seeds, empowered it with the Dream and the Nightmare - her domains, and patiently waited for someone to plant them, and so the seed gave a birth of her caretaker, so she actually could once again show her Avatar on the surface - the Pale Tree herself, and that's how the Mother Tree was able to also create her own Avatar, that would be the Voice of the Dream.

So tldr:

  • Tyria is an Elder Dragon, that was trapped by other Elder Dragons, because they didn't like the idea of sharing the magic anymore.
  • Mother Tree is the Caretaker of the Dream, and the Dream is Tyria itself
  • Tyria's domains are the Dream and the Nightmare
  • The Pale Tree was created, because Tyria used her remaining power on Mordremoth's seed, she risked that Mordremoth would have a connection to the Dream and the Nightmare, but she did this to have the last represenation of herself on the surface, while being trapped in the Eternal Sleep.
  • Sylvari have such wisdom from the Dream, and know what they are meant to do, because Tyria herself teaches them in her Dream, but they forget about it, when they are reaching the final step to be born on Tyria.

Crazy theory, I know... :D

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The Pale Tree def not. We know what she is and that is part of Mordy. So any theories about her or sylvari and being linked beyond being merely his minions/champion I’d forget about.

Tyria itself as a Gaia based story arc seems possible.

Frankly though I doubt the writers know. They’ll either make something up or drop it anyway, so I’m giving it little thought. Planning is not their strength.

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I think you put too much emphasis on the Silvari point of view.All ideas of existance are connected to each other as they are all represenations of ones point of view. This is adressed in GW2 by the theory of all. As Ogden said, this theory of all is so complex no soul can grasp it all. That is imo the representation seen in the different religions (or other theories of existence). They all see part of the theory of all and it overlaps, but it is all part of that what is uncomprehensible by a single soul.

One thing important to notice is that there are several sphere's of influence. Some see this manifestated in Gods. Others in spirits of the wilds. How one sphere of influence is reflected in different cultures is unknown. Just as that some cultures have some proof of existance of their representations that are structurally different to those in other cultures.

The most important element however is that all those cultures are on Tyria. We have the vast mists with a lot more places (including those the Gods departed to).

To complicate matters, let's look at the earth and us humans. If you look at the definition of a being, (multiple elements with different functions working together to form a single entity), it is easy to see the earth as a being as well. This is effective in several religions. Often this being is devine. Others place the earth as a product of another being.

So in short, it is unlikely that it is so uncomplicated that Tyria is an elder dragon, but in reality it is much more complicated and uncomprehensible. The truth and understanding depends a lot on the point of view.

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Something like "Mother Earth" or "Mother Nature"... I can totally see the devs going for something like that.I wish they didn't, though. It's very much cliche. Also, given how they can't even make Steve work and might regret ever inventing six Elder Dragons in the first place, I'd rather not have another one added to that at this time.

But yes, I wouldn't be surprised if "Mother" really turned out to be "Tyria" in the end...

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