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Can warrior play support/healer?


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Possible, but it's rather complicated and not what we would call optimal.

Core would be the best at it since either Elites are offense focused.

You'd have to use Shouts with Soldiers and Warhorn, the rest is pretty much dictated by the Amulet, however no matter how you build your warrior, you can still hit hard as hell if you organize your skills right.

At least if I wanted to run support warrior, it would look like this.


Probably would be called a meme build but it does provide healing, boons, good damage and can setup targets funnily enough.

If you can make your way around stuff like Holosmith stability or Mirage shenanigans, this would just be quite an annoyance to enemies as you CC people in fights to help your team focus as you are not completely useless with 100% critical potential and Sword getting free crits on weapon swap.

If you're familiar with most Warrior traits, you'll realize how great of a synergy there is, but it doesn't mean it's meta by any means.

Axe could be viable over sword but honestly Arms is better with the extra bleeds, as for the Signet.. Free unblockables can put a dent in the right opportunities, Dolyak is not corruption proof so is neither Balanced Stance, but BS can prevent you being CC chain after boon strip but also not being crit which can have it's uses like ressing power cleaves.

Finally, Warrior can ressurrect faster and more often than not it's better to do that instead of burning through all your skills because otherwise you will run out of options pretty quickly. I know it sounds counter productive to the idea of support, not only with mace you have the ability to stop stomps twice without counting shield, but also you most of your benefits come from having momentum rather than constantly provide in one burst.

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Currently? Run warhorn, Run Tactics with quickbreathing, empower allies, and vigorous shouts. Take any of the stat combos with healing power and concentration on them.


Hear is a quick example. Keep in mind that the listed healing does not take into account the +outgoing healing to other allies, so each shout heals for about 4k, and you have 3 shouts there with 4s CDs between ammo counts. You can get more healing if you take something like Magi stats or Cleric stats, but your damage will suffer.

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