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Huesos de Santo


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Hi there,

i just want to say thank to Arenanet to add in the game this typical spanish dessert. The image of the item is exactly the look of the food.

It is traditionally eaten on the All saint´s day, the similar day of Halloween in the rest of the world.

It was a gladly surprise when i saw the achivement.

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It's one of the new Halloween foods added this year. Apparently it's based on the real-life Spanish food Huesos de Santo (or Bones of the Saint) which is traditionally eaten on All Saint's Day, which is November 1st.

All Saint's Day is also called All Hallows Day, and the night before is known as All Hallows Eve. It's one of several traditional celebrations or significant days which inspired the modern day Halloween, especially the name; All Hallows Eve - Hallow Evening - Hallowe'en - Halloween. But All Saints Day is also a day for remembering saints, martyrs and other important people in Christianity who don't have a day of their own, so there's also an association with the dead there.

Most of the modern Halloween traditions are adapted from either various harvest celebrations with a focus on the end of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and preparing for a dark, cold winter when nothing will grow so you have to rely on what you've already harvested to survive, and from the Pagan celebration of Samhain (which is pronounced sow-en or so-ween) which is a time when the boundary between our world and the 'other world' is at its thinnest and as well as the spirits of the dead all kinds of other things can come through. So it's both a time to remember and celebrate with deceased friends and family and to leave out treats to appease less well meaning spirits that might come calling.

Back to the original topic, whilst I like that Tyrian Halloween has it's own traditions, many of them obviously inspired by American Halloween celebrations it's nice to see it branching out a bit and drawing on other real-world inspirations as well. There's so many different Halloween/All Saints celebrations, as well as other festivals celebrated around the same time, that it seems a shame to focus too much on just one. Even if it is only little things, like particular foods, which make it into the game.

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@"AgentMoore.9453" said:OP is referring to Saint Bones which is a new item added to the game with this year's Halloween festival and also a cultural food in the real world. That's neat.

Also, they added Soul Cake. Both items, when eaten, give you a ghostly aura, and there are two new collections (1, 2) you can do while the effects of those treats are active.

Oooo, I'd somehow missed those collections. Thanks for letting me know! :)

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