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State of the game & the nearest future?

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@"Proxy.2308" said:Haven't been here for a while, so just wanted to ask about the nearest future of the game? Any new expansions on the horizon? Asking because I'd like to know if I'm to start putting some money aside for that... ;)

Roadmap: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/looking-ahead-to-the-new-year/

Unfortunately, no expansions on the horizon yet

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Instead of an expansion they went straight from Season 4 to Season 5, which is apparently going to include expansion features, but will be free as long as you log in during each episodes release period. So far we've had a prologue and episode 1 and episode 2 is due in January.

It will probably have at least 6 episodes, including the prologue (season 3 and 4 had 6, season 2 had 8). If those are released every other month as they have been so far that will take us up to July at least.

We don't know what will come after Season 5, but that's normal, Anet don't announce the next season or expansion until the current one is done.

Whether you want to start putting money aside in case there's an expansion after that is up to you. But it won't be announced until July at the earliest and probably won't be released until a few months after that. And it's possible Season 5 will be longer than 6 episodes and/or will go straight into more free updates instead.

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