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  1. Splitting the .dat file will only affect loading, shouldn't do anything for performance
  2. Yes out of the box install with all updates. I've used multiple Windows 10 PCs/tablets, ranging from Atom CPUs, old Core 2 Quad, I7 6th and up to Zen 2. All with the latest updates, constantly updating when they are released, and never had any issues on any of them. I'm talking about performance as well, ever since Windows 8 released it smashed Windows 7 in performance. And Windows 10 is an update over Windows 8 so it carried over most performance benefits. You were the one that said: Which is obviously false, since most machines I tried Windows 10 h
  3. In reality, Windows 8 is much different compared to Windows 7. I think you might've confused Windows 7 and Vista, those were similar. But 8 has fundamental differences "under the hood" compared to 7. I use Windows 10 on my 7 year old tablet, with 4 GB of Ram and integrated graphics (Intel ATOM CPU). Works just fine and is noticeably faster compared to the Windows 7 it used to have before I upgraded it. And I use Chrome, which is a resource beast. So I really don't care if your old laptop runs well with Windows 7, that doesn't tell anything. As I've tried it, on the same PC, form
  4. When it comes to performance both 8 and 10 are far superior to 7, from much much faster boot/shutdown times, loading times, to simpler things like copy/pasting data. Windows 7 is just way too slow compared to the later Windows versions. But Windows 8 and Windows 10 don't have such a gigantic/overwhelming performance difference like with Windows 7.
  5. If that was true then players using sub-par gear, even green gear, wouldn't out-dps players using Ascended with meta builds. But that does happen a lot. Having a "meta build" doesn't mean anything if you don't know when (and where) to use it. It also depends on what we mean by "using a meta build". I mean even on the SC website they clearly state which "meta build" is good on which boss, and which is terrible. So using an off-meta build might be more powerful than using a "meta build" that is not good on a particular boss. To answer the OP's question, no it's not requir
  6. I've been asking for an engine update for a very long time and this is good news. It's curious to note here that on the NVIDIA side there is no GPU that only supports DirectX11. GeForce 200/300 series only support DirectX 10 (not 11) but all cards above those, starting with GeForce 400, support DirectX12. This means, for NVIDIA users, going to either DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 demands the exact same hardware. On the AMD side is a bit more complicated. Up to 4000 HD series they support up to DirectX 10 only, from 5000 HD to 6000 HD up to DirectX 11, and 7000 HD and above they sup
  7. If you are talking about the Warcraft movie, it has nothing to do with what players characters do in WoW. Which is exactly what I said they'd do if they made a movie/anime/series/whatever based on the Guild Wars license (1 or 2), either a prequel, a sequel, a story between the two games, or a side story. To my knowledge, there has never been an mmorpg adaptation in any form, that specified a fixed "main character", that would be suicide. Take a look at the negative reactions towards the latest Mortal Kombat movie, where they added a brand new character, instead of using a well est
  8. The best part of Windows 11 is that it requires a DirectX 12 capable GPU. Meaning all games running on Windows 11 will be sure to use DirectX 12 going forward and Windows 10 support ends in 2025. So after that. Maybe at that point Arenanet will ditch Windows XP support and move away of DirectX 9.
  9. If you want to "crowdfund" an engine upgrade donate some money to DXVK or D912PY instead. Now for the specific options. Crowdfunding a new engine is impossible. Even if you get a million players that are willing to donate some money towards that goal, it wouldn't work because the game's assets would need to be ported. That's an insane amount of work, given how old the game is and how many assets it has. Take a look at what happened to the game Mass Effect: Andromeda, when they tried to port animation systems from one engine (Unreal Engine) to another (Frostbite). Sure we could "cro
  10. Yes and no. In Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 Aion overcame Guild Wars 2 in total revenue. However, that tells us only half the story. Even in Q1 2021 Guild Wars 2 earned more than 50% of what NCsoft earned in NA/EU, this means that most of Aion's renewed revenue comes from outside NA/EU (probably Korea) and Guild Wars 2 is still the best performing NCsoft game in NA/EU and has been for a rather long time. It looks like NCsoft games are not very popular in NA/EU and maybe this ad is an attempt by NCsoft to increase the popularity of one of their other games in the region.
  11. Anime adaption of a game with such a gigantic variety of main characters? Not gonna happen. If there was ever an anime or movie adaptation of anything Guild Wars 2 (or Guild Wars 1) related it's going to be the novels. That would make sense as the novels have set plot with certain, well defined, main characters.
  12. Now that Microsoft announced Windows 11 will require directx12 compatible GPU and Windows 10 support will end around October 2025, I think the one thing I desire the most is an engine update. But maybe in the next expansion.
  13. Performance depends on the person, for some playing at barely 30 fps at 1080p is "enough". Anything under 1440p 60fps at high/max settings isn't acceptable for others. Also, especially for newer/better hardware, this game runs terribly compared to a lot of other games. And if I may add, other games that look way better, while also running better. Although some people might have fps issues, because they play at minimum requirements, however this is also about inconsistency, not only performance. When you put character limits to lower settings, the game replaces armors with default s
  14. This has been asked a million times already. The answer is just silence. Same with hiding/reducing particle effects of others to improve boss visibility.
  15. As I said I don't know the exact time frame that the transition from "this is too hard" to "this is too easy" happened but rather that it did happen. And without developer intervention. See above. That depends on the exact time frame that the transition happened. As for gaining experience, there are lots of examples of how using the proper skills makes dungeons a LOT easier. The graveling burrows for example in Ascalonion Catacombs become really easy to deal with once you use Frost Bow, regardless of your level, or your gear. Stacking on Subject Alpha, instead
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