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Still old forum on google

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@Virtuality.8351 said:

@Paralux.6714 said:It will be removed completely at the end of October, if I'm not mistaking.

Could you link the source of this info? I thought the old forum was here to stay since the old posts were not transfered here.


The existing forums will be locked later today, but our plan is to keep the current forums accessible in an archived, read-only mode until the end of October.


@Gaile Gray.6029 said:The old forums will be available for another 6 weeks or so, so any threads that should be re-posted can be done by the community.


@Gaile Gray.6029 said:As I have explained, we will not be hosting an archive of the forums after around October 31st. However, you have the ability to archive any post that you like, using Archive.org. Go check it out!

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@Redfeather.6401 said:It's funny, as I saw a topic on reddit asking why the GW2 forum was so dead. People looking up GW2 forum on google will find the old one and it doesn't make the game look lively.

Yes this is a bad oversight on Anets part.

The average player or person interested in the game will just google "gw2 forum" and they will be directed to the dead one, which makes the game look dead.

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