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Give EotM PvE Balance?


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We need a proper place for GvGs/large scale fights without structures needed. I have been voicing for a map 25 vs. 25 maximum, best of five (like the current pvp 2 vs. 2 system). The map should look like e.g. the area between the two south spawns on alpine bl. We can adjust the details lateron.

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we had that discussion yet - it has bunch of extra mechanics that other maps do not have, which could technically make it harder to "legitimate" than it may seem on the first glance - but i also would wish we'd just get EOTM as a straight border, so it doesn't exist as some nearly useless leftover, barely anybody outside of newbies strolling around in it's beautiful and unique, but empty pathways.

but i'm against it getting anything with pvE. if anything, include it to the regular WvW-maps and rating zone. with the newly created monsterqueues (only around prime and reset, but thats at least six hours so yeah) it could be even more attractive :P

and no @gloflop.3510 , nobody needs a seperate place for GvGs... you can easily do that in obsidian sanctums arena yet, it is huge and has no structures. and u ever could do that in the arena in EotM... if you want to be outside of the rated zone. also 25v25 isn't large scale, thats barely zergsize.

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