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Selling Character names allowed? (ingame gold)


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Yo guys,

I've gathered some fun unique names on my Accounts, for example "Charry Pawtter". Since I use characters with my name "Aury" infront for identification, I thought "hey why not make some gold out of this". Yes I know the 24h-window makes the trade a bit long, but if seller and buyer choose the timing the character gets deleted, knowing the seller can log in 24h later you can do it quite exact. If the seller then tries to get the name 2 minutes later just incase the buyer got DC whatever/forgot it, theres no loss.

What do you guys think, could this be legal (for ingame gold)? Since Fractals and raids are sold etc, thought why not.

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Posted by Gaile in the old forum:


You cannot sell in-game properties of any kind for real-world cash.

I don’t see how you can work an in-game “trade” for a name in relation to in-game items or gold, but that wouldn’t appear to be against the User Agreement. This sort of thing is likely to prompt a high level of tickets for “lack of fulfillment,” or “scamming” and we will not assist with fulfillment of a contract, although if a party is seen to be involved in scamming, we will suspend the account.

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I don't think name grabbing would pay off here, there are just too many ways to spell a name, and managing a dozen free accounts for a little income is a lot of time spent. Why would I pay anything for "Charry Pawtter" if I can just pick "Charry Páwtter"? Also, what makes you think anyone wants that name for his character? If you had "Harry Potter", there might be a chance that someone would pay for it, but I don't see anyone wanting your workaround name.

Or do you have any really good names to offer? If so, just list them here, there's no risk involved because you got them already, right?

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@Faaris.8013 said:Why would I pay anything for "Charry Pawtter" if I can just pick "Charry Páwtter"?

Because it looks like a turd. Many people choose this because they cant think of a genuine innovative name, and would prolly go Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Pawtter. Its just not the origin and looks damn cheap.

The names are right now, usage behind:

  • Charry Pawtter (Charr)
  • Ridiculous Totalus (Asura Ele)
  • Sergeant Salad (Sylvari)
  • Looty Pipsburn (WvW)
  • Hobosmith (Selfexplaining)
  • Peekahbookah (Asura Thief)

None of those names have an apostrophe or sth similar.

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