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Solo Firebrand PvE?


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Hey guys, during my years of game I always played PvP and WvW not caring about PvE.

I have Map completion only on one character which is the oldest character I have, a Guardian.

Now I decided to complete all Living World stories, then HoT and then PoF etc.

Currently doing Living World S2.

I decided to go for Firebrand instead of dh or core and I found this build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Solo_Firebrand

I am using the dps gear and not the trailblazer which seems too wasted in terms of damage.

I read online is one of the best solo builds out there, similar to condi herald or mirage which can clear lots of hard group contents , is it true and works? I am using it and the damage and aoe is super good, but if focused i struggle a bit to survive.

What do you guys recommend to do? It's just because I need to learn to play it?

I don't wanna do fractals or raids for now even tho i saw it's the same exactly meta build, planning on complete all story, do some champions or hero challenges etc.


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DPS VariantThis variant offers the highest DPS but the least defense.

Trailblazer VariantThe Trailblazer Variant sacrifices some power damage for a massive boost to your survivability. This variant is recommended for most open world content.

I think that explains your problem right there. Burst vs Sustain.

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I'd try putting an Energy sigil in your axe/torch set (it'll proc on tome swap, too) before I spend the ridiculous sum of money required to regear to Trailblazer, tbh.

For solo open world and story, you can also try (not all at once):

  • Give yourself a stun break
  • Slot in Wall of Reflection if you're getting focused by a lot of strong ranged mobs
  • Change your elite to Renewed Focus and start using Tome 3 defensive skills (the reflect, stab, and resistance) much more proactively

Stuff like that! Swap skills around, in general. Think of the three on the build bar as your "normal" ones but you're often changing them to suit the encounter. Guardian is a great class for that, since you have a very wide range of defensive utilities and buffs.

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I'm just starting a noob Firebrand, too. I never go to metabattle, but looking at that build I can see that it is very different than mine...I'm using all Viper gear with Firebrand runes. For my weapons sets, I'm using sigils of smouldering and corruption on axe/torch, and smouldering and bursting on scepter/focus. I haven't completely nailed down my utility skills, yet, but I like Mantra of Solace, Mantra of Flame, Sword of Justice, and Feel My Wrath...I've been using Signet of Wrath, but I might dump it for Save Yourselves. For food, I have been using the Peppered Cured Meat Flatbread (+100 condi/+70 expertise); for utility I usually just use one of the Powerful Potions, or a Writ of Masterful Malice. I have no idea if this build is anywhere near optimal, but I like it...she's a bit too squishy for my tastes, so I might mix in some of the Trailblazer stuff to boost her toughness and vitality.

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gw2skills.net/editor/?PWgAIZlRweYWMKmJO0TvPdA-zRRYiBhBHVfnFSTJQmhQ6VgaDA-eMy Firebrand. Crappy, but very funny build.This build, by doing only auto-attack with the hammer and occasionally pressing the mantra buttons can provide party wide 100% quickness and protection uptime, and 16~22 stacks of might along with some minor heals, all the while maintain 24 stacks of vulnerability on all enemies standing on your symbols. The third strike of the hammer's auto-attack chain places symbols, so this is literally spamming light fields so if some condition cleanse is needed, just blast skill 2 in the light fields.From what I see, the DPS is decent enough for open world play. And I've solo'd some champions in Central Tyria and a few in HoT with this build, the funny part is that some of them died while what I do, outside of mantras, is only auto-attack.

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