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Looking for opinions on new toon creation - new player :P

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Both have pros and cons.

Asura pros:

  • Less armour clipping
  • A lot of weapons have a Yoda animations feel. They are very mobile.
  • IMO better voice acting

Asura con:

  • Only one, really, but 99% of staffs clip awful with the ears. I think scientific staff is like the only one that shrinks enough to not have this problem.

Charr pros:

  • Weapons look really good
  • Animations feel more grounded - converse to Asura looking mobile, charr look like they're bunkering.
  • They run pretty cool.

Charr cons:

  • Armour clips like mad
  • Armour clips like mad
  • Armour clips like mad
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Just to add to the above, Charr feel super slow when running compared to the asura who feel like they're running at superspeed. I personally prefer asura cast animations, but I also really enjoy the charr as a race. Elementalist is a cool all round balanced class, so I think you'll definitely enjoy it.

Welcome to the game and hope you have fun =D.

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