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New Class Idea: The Luminary

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Over the past while, I've come up with and been writing down designs for a potential new class for GW2 that I've decided to call The Luminary. I have the full document attached, but I'll give you the run down before you get into the heavy reading. It's a Yin & Yang themed class, that uses light and dark magic, switching back and forth between the two for different play styles. Every weapon and slot skill has different effects based on whether they're wearing the Mantle of Dawn or the Mantle of Dusk. They use either light or dark energy to cast their slot skills, which regenerates by using energy on the opposite Mantle. The more light energy you use up, the more dark energy you'll have replacing it, and vice versa, so proper energy balancing and Mantle swapping will be key. Their weapons are main and off-hand sword, main and off-hand dagger, staff, and greatsword, with trident as their underwater weapon. There's a lot more to it than just this simple run down though, so please check out the document, if you'd like. I'm no balance expert, so if there's something that seems too strong or too weak, please let me know. Any feedback is welcome, as long as it's not deliberately rude. Same goes for suggestions or further ideas. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. The document is long, so I'd advise taking it in chunks, one section at a time. Hope you enjoy!https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wbylG9hYE49HM195zNk6asHIJ3prmQsbTHE9vnd0Oxs/edit?usp=sharing

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@Seventh Ranger.3968 said:

@JohnWater.5760 said:Awesome idea!!Do you think an elite spec on the subject of astrology would be possible?I'd love to see something related to the stars.

Ooh, that's a fantastic idea, I love it! Also thanks for the compliment! Have you read the whole thing, or just some of it? I'm curious to know how much you got through XD

I have to confess that I didn't read everything, I read until the swords skills and skipped to staff.

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@JohnWater.5760 said:I loved all the effort and creativity that you did for this class, you made huge thing and it's awesome.I think the glyphs would match the class a lot more, since they change according to the state and signets don't.

Thank you so much for the compliment! <3I do agree that Glyphs fit fairly well thematically, but there's a reason I chose Signets. If you haven't read the Signet section yet, I'd recommend checking it out, cuz it'll probably make much more sense once you do. Basically I wanted those skills to be more passive. Also just in general, I liked the idea of Signets that had different sides, and flipped over when you swapped Mantles. I had intended them to synergise well with swords, and I did something with them that I don't think would work with Glyphs. I do like the idea of using Glyphs in one of the Elite Specs though, I think that could be a great idea!

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