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There are benches missing in PvP lobby. The most opportunistic bench is facing into the void. Why?


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Hello anet,

sometimes the only bench with a look toward the mists is occupied and my character cannot properly rest from battle.

Can you please place more benchs. For example, another bench in this perfectly suited area?https://i.imgur.com/ZrFATeB.jpeg

(Please, do not let the bench face the waterfall when characters sit on it. Make it face the walkway. In the picture the direction my char is facing. )

Rarely a bench should face outward (into the void of mists). It looks better placed inward facing the walkways and fire places. Just look at parks in your local area. I don't understand why the single bench near the bank faces off the cliff into the void when there is a fireplace and a talk area to face to.

Consider adapting a more immersive butt resting philosophy.

Thank you very much.

Our worn warrior butts greatly appreciate,Best Regards

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