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What are the Guardian beliefs?


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From a lore perspective I mean. I think I asked this quetion years ago, and some said Lyssa, but since that isn't established in the main game (iirc anyways) I always interpreted it as a firm belief that life itself is sacred, and that the defense of your fellow man is a holy charge, upheld and persecuted by guardians. That's just my take on it though. Is there anything in the lore about what guardians swear or follow? If not, what do you all think?

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Human Guardians are likely to be followers of Dwayna, the Goddess of Healing, and Balthazar (or his replacement), the God of Fire and Protection.Human Firebrands are also taking to Kormir's ramblings teachings.

Norn Guardians are likely followers of Bear or Wolf.Norn Dragonhunters with their Superior Runes of the Trapper are becoming more and more followers of Snow Leopard though.

Asura Guardians believe in the Eternal Alchemy.

Charr Guardians belief in the legions.

Sylvari Guardians believe in the Dream and in Ventari's Tablet.

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During character creation it says

"Guardians specialize in protective and defensive magic. A deep sense of loyalty to their allies fuels their passion and power. They're also skilled with a variety of weapons which they put to use against their enemies."

There is not much more to find about the lore of the profession. Imo, Guardians are defined by what they want to protect, not a respect for life in general, given that Guardians also come with the option to be zealots who burn down everything around them.

In case of charr, while they are loyal to their legion, they first and foremost believe in and die to protect their warband.

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