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Revealing WvW Sneaky Stuff, Episode 1 & 2 [updated 8/11]


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@Elementalist Owner.7802 said:But does it contest the point? Because that would be pretty funny.

Nah, you can attack the guards but they out of combat on you. I was able to kill them with hammer rev though cause I'm op ;-)All waypoints contest height is fairly low. Taking a skill like phase smash, it's height travel can cause you to lose camp contest for a second.

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@Sleepwalker.1398 said:

@Aeolus.3615 said:have u tried to drop siege above the supply hut or on the building?????

siege is my new class...

I'm also wondering if maybe Bay inner wall can be reached from here.

ive seen players on that hill above the cata spot wall, but was long time ago before even HoT, as far ive seen its not possible to fly over something that high,u can only glide towards place lower than your position.

Altough building siege there wouldbe easilly disrupted and destroyed, since AOE ground targeted spells can hit passing by structures and hit targets that are above, lets say ur on a bridge and im under the bridge cast stuff on the bridge arc ceilling (your floor) it would kill u :).Example:Try to sack lots of necro fear under hills bridge when the zerg is passing by, its like farm EOTM to see lots of the zergling droppping form the hills bridge XD..... the same would be possible to damage siege above the supply hut, on the houses some ele aoe would hit every one standing there.

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You cannot place siege up there. It's not siege locked but it's unplayable terrain in that respect.

The hills around swc you can still get on, but it too is unplayable for siege. It holds zero wvw advantage and if you try approaching bay, it gives the turn back or teleport to spawn prompt.

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