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A brief description of which class is good at?

I can't seem to choose a class, can you help me by telling me briefly what each class is good at and what are their differences?


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    • Warrior is all about dealing damage while ignoring what is thrown at you
    • Guardian is all about healing allies while handling what is thrown at you
    • Revenant is all about learning your profession in order to be effective, then deal damage


    • Ranger is all about outsustaining and peeling down your enemy
    • Thief is all about bursting while avoiding incoming damage
    • Engineer is all about that carnage around you


    • Mesmer is all about pressure and utility
    • Elementalist is all about timing
    • Necromancer is all about area denial

    Now - these are just from the top of my head based on how I see the professions being played. What I suggest you do beforehand though, is answer a few questions that will help tremendously in narrowing it down:

    1. Would you like to heal, do top damage or a mix?
    2. What do you like best, range or melee?
    3. What gamemodes are you going to play in?
    4. How important is it for you to be tanky in the traditional mmo sense?

    You should be able to come up with a definitive answer to all of these questions, as this allows people to give you sound advice - after all it has to be something you enjoy playing :)

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    War - banners, empower allies, above average dps
    Zerk - adds condi dps
    Spellb - adds boon rip
    Guardian - above average dps
    Dh - adds power dps, and some survivability (out done by core in terms of dps in certain scenarioes)
    Fb - condi based dps, boon spam and healing
    Revenant - jack of all trades, master of none
    Herald - boon spam option
    Rene - condi dps option, more alacrity up time

    Ranger - spirits, spotter, 1500 range pew pew, mediocre dps, good bursts
    Druid - adds more support options
    Sb - adds condi dps options
    Thief - in and out type combat, mediocre dps, excellent burst
    Dd - extra dodge = survivability, staff dps
    De - 1500 range pew pew
    Engi - jack of all trades, master of the piano play
    Scrapper - defensive option
    Holo - burst power with good sustained damage

    Mesmer - master of misdirection and bursts
    Chrono - added support options, more blocks, and a reset button
    Mirage - condi dps option, better clone spam
    Ele - master of glass cannon play
    Temp - added boon support and healing
    Weaver - added more damage modifiers
    Necro - boon corrupting edgelord hp sponge with no blocks, evades, or invulns, fun to play though
    Reaper - added cleave in melee at the cost of shroud up time
    Scourge - added cleave in range, barriers, and some might generation for the party at the cost of shroud

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    Theres also the question of if you have the expansions, or if you're a new player trying to get a handle on the Core Classes. If its the Latter, I recommend starting on Ranger, Warrior, or Necro.... Their self sustain is more passive oriented and their skill/trait synergy is pretty straight forward to understand.

    If we're ignoring Especs, these are the general themes of each class.

    Warrior- Master of Arms, has access to all non-magical weapon types, and is a split between damage tanking and damage dealing. This doesn't mean they stand around and take hits, but you can survive a decent amount of punishment before having to back off. Strongest as Melee builds, but they have a lot of gap closing and mobility skills to make up for this. They're also capable of being configured for group support, adding unique offensive buffs which can stack on top the more common Boons. Designed to be a Front line fighter, they can go deep into the fray, and last there longer then other classes.

    Guardians- Combat Support. Using a combination of soft controls and easy boon access, their primary design is to provide force multiplication and group sustain. Despite being classed as Support, they're no slouch in combat, and can trade blows against other melee types. Most people confuse them as being a straight tank (due to looking like a Paladin), but their base line durability is the 2nd lowest of 9 classes. All of their sustain abilities come from the effects of their skills, and they can easily share them with nearby allies in addition to themselves. While their skills look like they can be spammed, Guardians are strongest when skills are well timed to provide defensive boons and conditions to mitigate, or even negate the attacks of strong enemies. They can also easily recover from mistakes, and have support options, even when building mostly for offensive power. They are the litmus test for game's buildcraft, and much of the game's "meta" tends to revolve around the state of Guardian builds. They aren't the "best class" in terms of role specific performance, but they have been strongly relevant in every game mode since the game launched in 2012.

    Revenant- Aka "I thought it was a Death Knight". Rev is only new class to be added since the game's launch, and the Devs said it will be the last. Built from the ground up to be Group Comp focused class, the Rev has a lot of niche applications and builds, but is a difficult class to play solo due to a stiff build system. While other classes can run mixtures of roles, the Rev is effectively limited to one and a half roles between its Weapons/Utilities and its Espec abilities. Where other classes can cover their own weaknesses within their build, this design always leaves Rev with 1 or 2 major vulnerabilities that are meant to be covered by allies. Now that said, they aren't a bad class.... they're just awkward compared to how the other classes do builds. Their strength is in group dynamics. On their own Revs can feel very restrictive in solo or small scale fights..... but around Allies, they act as a group force multiplier, or can play off other builds to provide and/or exploit opening created by the other.

    Ranger- Survivalist. Despite my issues with Ranger in high end buildcraft, in general its a very adaptable class with a good mixture of self sustain, self support, group support, damage and controls. Its main draw back is difficulty in reaching peak performance, and uses a more additive approach to synergy then mechanical amplification. However, this does make it a class that can hodgepodge easily in the early game, and won't struggle with builds until you get into organized group content (Raids, Fractals, etc). It also has a Pet as a baseline mechanic, and is capable of building into both DPS types (power and condi), and the Druid Espec adds a specialist support build.

    Engineer- Jack of all Trades and the Impact Savant. Engineer sits at the middle point between all classes in terms of performance. Its capable of doing a lot of things ok, but has difficulty doing any one thing well. This flexibility used to make it a strong PvP class; but has suffered from neglect in the wake of Power creep from the Elite specs. Core Engineer in unorganized groups (namely open world) still plays well, but is one of the more complicated classes to learn due to skill juggling from the Kits. Since Engineer's power is heavily loaded into the Kits, most builds run at least 2, leaving limited room for other (also highly useful) utility skills. However, this high number and diversity of skills it has access to, allows it to carry a solution to any number of problems the player will face. As a Core Engineer, you thrive in Chaos; but learning how to manage your skills to keep up with it is like learning to play Piano on your keyboard. I would NOT recommend picking this class as your first, because it benefits from a wide knowledge of game mechanics to be effective. But once you've developed this knowledge, the engineer is an incredibly fun class to play, and takes full advantage of everything you can learn about it.

    Thief- PvP specialist. Designed from the ground up as a PvP class, its modus operandi is being able to dart in and out of striking distance of its target, using a combination of high mobility and stealth to be difficult to pin down. Most people think Hunter or Assassin..... but in reality it plays like a high speed shell game, popping in and out of stealth every few seconds to keep the target in a constant state of confusion. With the other classes having a lot of gap closing and shut down skills, this definitely differentiates itself from stealth play compared to other games. While less effective in PvE (because potato AI), the ability to break targeting and reposition while the enemy stops attacking, is definitely effective. Thief is purposefully glassy, and made to be a high risk, high reward style of combat. Your defenses are weighted heavily in total damage avoidance, and stealth and teleport skills play a pivotal role in that. You also have access to a lot of skills that can interrupt, blind, and just be incredibly oppressive against your chosen target.

    Necromancer- "Its actually a tank". Core Necro is a selfish, self sustaining class that is capable of inflicting large amounts of sustained pressure and area denial, while surviving an insane amount of punishment. Because much of its design is based on abandoned mechanical concepts (like Condition manipulation and Boon punishment), many of Core Necro's skills and traits seem a little counter intuitive or barely effective. But don't let this deter you. For this discussion I was avoiding going into Especs.... but in the case of Necro, both Especs address the major weaknesses seen in Necro, and each turns it into a different type of Juggernaut. Reaper adds depth to the damage dealing aspects of the class to crush defenses, while Scourge turns you into an area denial nightmare.

    Mesmer- "There is nothing else like it". Made as a PvP/WvW utility mage, the Memser is the game's most unique class. The Memser is capable summoning illusions that are both simultaneously non-threatening and the most dangerous thing you can encounter. Much like the Thief, the Mesmer uses a combination of high mobility and misdirection to make them difficult to pin down. But where an opponent can focus on the Thief to try and counter it, the Mesmer's illusions makes fighting IT like fighting a small team players. On top of this, the illusions are ticking time bombs. The Phantasm skills summon an illusion that drops some kind of burst attack on the target. Their attacks are legitimately dangerous, and the Memser can summon multiple via different skills. The clones do very little damage, and follow you around, but there is catch...... It can be difficult to tell the difference between a clone and the Mesmer at a glance, making them great for adding chaos to even 1v1 fights. But real danger is the Mesmer's ability to Shatter their illusions for high impact effects. Mind Wrack deals a lot of damage. And when you realize the Mesmer can generate clones left and right, you realize you'e trying to single out a target in the middle of a mine field. Its one of the hardest classes to get a grasp on, but its also one of the strongest classes once you learn how and where its effects have the biggest impact.

    Elementalist is conceptually a typical Mage class, but the Attumenent system makes it one of the most flexible classes in the game. While its forte is Damage, the way it does this offers an extremely high level of utility via field combos it can trigger itself. Its also the only class other then Guardian that brings enough inline support, that it can be full damage spec and still offer things like healing, condition clear, and boons when needed. It also sports THE most weapon skills (20) loaded at any given time, with many of them having intentional synergy for powerful skill combos. Like Engineer, playing it is like playing a Piano, allowing for both short or long skill rotations for non-stop firing of skills. Its hard to explain in words, but it quickly makes sense once you start realizing which skills chain together well. While they're glassy overall, with a combination of traits and defense oriented weapons, Eles can live through a lot of dangerous situations. They're also one of the classes that can effectively run Hybrid stats. Staff is the typical choice of weapon in groups, but Dagger builds are insanely fun when soloing or unorganized stuff.

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    Quick Opinion in a PvE and PvP perspective of each class based on the current metagame
    Keep in mind that this is all a lvl 80 perspective of the class. Experience may be different in the 1 to 80 road.

    Sustain is a word that defines warrior well. As long your active and passive defenses overlap your passive generation, Warrior is destroying something.
    Full physical class with access to the majority of physical weapons. Keep in mind that it has both access to Power and Condition damage builds.
    Both on PvP and PvE, if you can control your damage mitigation, you live to tell history.
    Uses Heavy Armor. High Base HP.

    How in the hell I define this class? They prolly already had foot on every possible role in every game mode in this game.
    On SPvP Guardians were already Bunkers, Roamers and Supporters. On PvE they can either Support or Deal damage, and a good one a that.
    Being a middle way between support, tank and damage, Guardian can pretty much do all roles at the same time.
    The class follows the "Paladin" theme, most attacks involve light and fire element.
    Heavy Armor. Low Base HP.

    Class designed to fit a multitude of roles. Extremally versatile but the most complex of all 3 Heavy armor users.
    Like Guardians, Revenent already filled a multitude of roles. They usually excell the former in these roles but also has more glaring flaws in all of then. As already mentioned by my friend above, its a class designed for group play, tough it can always work solo like any other.
    Follows a Mist/Void/Dark knight theme. Opens Rifts on space and the mists to attack, summons spirit of Legends to define its gameplay.
    Heavy Armor Class. Med base Hp.

    Prolly the most glaring characteristic part of Rangers is that they control an permanent AI at their side, also called "Your PET".
    Different from other MMos, only Rangers have active Pets on combat. And the whole class involves in the interaction between then.
    On PvE they can be either DPS or Support. On PvE they are currently great Duelist, defined by the capability of effectively knocking down targets out of points while mantaining a good sustain. They don't beat warriors in that regard, but they enjoy better defense against condition damage.
    Medium Armor class. Med base HP.

    The original multi porpoise class before Revenants were added to the game. Engi gameplays depends a lot on the build they are rolling.
    Overall a good point holder on PvP, of all Duelists it enjoys the highest Damage in exchange for a glaring weakness against condition damage.
    Pretty diverse PvE since Engies can have a multitude of different option by using "kits" and "Turrets" on combat.
    Class themed over the concept of Technology. From turrets, holograpfic weapons, weapons, flamethrowers, drones, bombs and grenades, you name it, they have it or will have it.
    Medium Armor class. Med base HP.

    High mobility define this class. There is not a single class in this game capable of sharing Thiefs movement, engaging and disengaging skills. Capable of dealing decent Burst damage and pretty frequently. Contrary to warriors tough, Thief have terrible sustain in fights and should finish battles as soon as possible or make a run for it. On current game they enjoy good sustain on Open World PvE as long they are hitting something. A good solo class overall.
    Selfish PvE class as it deals decent damage but doesn't offer any team support. The class is the very definition of "roamer" on PvP tough. Capable of ganking and disengaging any class, tough lacks the kit and sustain to properly 1v1 anyone in a duel.
    They are themed as your common rogue/assassin class. Having access to Stealth and the most creative "teleport" mechanic in history of MMos.
    Medium Armor class. Low base HP.

    Class that uses death oriented magic, including summoning minions and easy access to the "Fear" CC. Have the highest Base HP of the game, together with warriors in fact, with the addition of extra health thanks to deathshroud and barrier mechanics. Add your minions shiedling you and you have a class that will hardly meet death on open world PvE.... their on death at least. That said, the class has low sustain despite its high Health pool, and terrible mobility to make a run for it if needed.
    Both on PvE and PvP is know as a DPS team class. Having respectable access to Condition Damage tough Power builds are still fun to use. Capable of supporting to a certain degree. Doesn't have the sustain for Dueling nor the mobility for roaming, but careless players still die to sheer force anyway.
    About the theme of the class, the name itself says all.
    Light Armor. High Base HP.

    Class that revolves around summoning Clones to distract their opponents and Phantons to damage then. Plus you can sacrifice both of those to boost other mechanics, including deal damage. Has low defenses and low base health, but access to a big kit of active defenses, interrupts, dodges and timed invulnerability to compensate on that regard.
    In the current meta, Mesmer is capable of doing almost anything. From tanking, to support, to DPS on all game modes.
    Light Armor, low base Hp.

    Mage class, nuff said. Can only equip one set of weapon but can change it's move set by attuning any of the 4 elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water). In that regard, holds the biggest amount of skills on hand despite having only one weapon.
    The class has crossed a great variety of roles trough the history of the game, but most of the time it requires focusing your stats a lot in a single direction for effectiveness. That said an Elementary can be or extremely hard to kill and deal low damage or be extremely glassy and deal high, burst damage and DPS damage. Also capable of supporting trough healing. On Current PvE is a respectable DPS class and plays Bunker/Duelist on PvP despite being a mage. Has good sustain in battle as long it is capable of using skills.
    Light Armor. Low base HP.

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    Think about what kind of a profession would you want to play on; something simple and effective to crush your enemies or something complex with a high learning curve to outsmart your opponent and get some satisfactory kills? Do you want to be a team supporter or a solo adventurer? Heal, support or damage? Instant DPS or slower over-time damage?

    There are some good brief introductions to each class in this thread, and there are plenty of great profession guides on YouTube that will quickly go over each profession and give you some insight on what you're looking for.

    Personally I would recommend the new players to go with Warrior, Ranger or Necromancer, the 'safe' options that are simple enough to make you familiar with the game early on. Of course, all professions have a learning curve when it comes to the endgame and competitive modes, but PvE-wise those professions hit hard and withstand punishment fairly well, so you don't have to get frustrated and worry about dying all the time, like you would on an Elementalist for example.

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    Probably the most accurate of all explanations, but with a mistake on mesmer. They only shattwr clones. Phantasms are only summoned once and dissapear after using their burst.

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    @InsaneQR.7412 said:
    One sentence per profession:

    Warrior: Enduring Dmg and dealing dmg
    Guardian: Active defenses and high dmg
    Revenant: Jack of all trades

    Ranger: Survive at range and Melee
    Thief: Guerilla Tactics
    Engineer: Versatility in Technology

    Necromancer: Solo Yolo
    Elementalist: Self synergy with Pianoskills
    Mesmer: Find Waldo

    Hahahaha this completely cracked me up my friend to funny!

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