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  1. Are we gonna talk how Warriors can instantly cast 18 seconds of revealed on thieves?
  2. GW2 is still one of the best MMos under that requisite.That or you are free to play catch up to level cap and gear progression on every other MMo ad eternal .
  3. Frankly speaking I won't even bother voting. I will just let some steam off my chest: I am getting tired of all those initiative increases on key skills. -More than just numbers, Thief is becoming more and more of a shore to play.
  4. To say we are not buffing anything, we've buffed two builds that we killed a few patches ago. No one uses then, so it's safe for us to buff something that won't cause impact. More importantly: Last few patches we nerfed Deadly Arts so much, that the community has moved to... Shadow Arts, which proved to be a fatal mistake since it raised the number of stealth complaints on the forums. Since thieves are now harder to kill. So we decided to nerf the only reason thieves were picking the traitline. Since we predict that thieves are still to hard to kill, we expect people to move to... Critical s
  5. I wish dodges and stow weapon could cancel kneeling. To kneel after a dodge is strange. Since if I needed to dodge it means that I need to move.Stowing weapons does cancel kneel, but it is at the end of the stow animation, not at the start. And that's weird.
  6. We are still slaves to trickery, more now than ever since the amount of initiative for key skills have raised, again. Some skills have changed: Blinding Powder is no longer instant for example, but now works like a stunbreak. All traps were revised and remade. Shadow Portal, especially, becomes usable on some builds depending on your personal preferences.Some skills like Scorpion Wire got charges.Smoke Screen is no longer a line, but a circle.Dagger builds are in a bad situation for years: The build was already off-meta when Sword/Dagger was the meta build.Arena Net decided a new approach to
  7. Thief is already a counter to other thieves. Adding reveal would be just a solution for lazy thieves. Btw, people need to stop making complaints regarding stealth coming for WvW.This is just stupid. What is the player on stealth doing that contributes for the game mode? Is he killing players? Scouting? Taking down gates? "Oh but the thief running away on stealth is annoying". No one cares if player X or Y is annoying. Unless the player on stealth can take down a tower by himself no one should care about what you are doing. And if thieve are really killing lords by themselves using stealth, t
  8. Guess thieves holidays are over then. Back to normal.
  9. This seens unnecessary. You are just forcing thieves to go back to blinding powder at this point.
  10. Except the community is clearly not fine on having a stealth-based class being good at 1v1.I mean.... this thread. Thief is already the most complained class of the game when they have close to nil duelist capability and overall damage.Plus... think about Mirages. What happened the last time we had a fast class that was also good at 1x1? Hint: Mirages had portal nerfed first. By design, we can't have a class that can roam and 1x1 at the same time. The problem that meanwhile classes like Mirage and Herald had their movement nerfed first to keep their damage, the thief always has their damage ne
  11. Healing is definitely not something that people bother outside strike missions and raids. But keep in mind that you can play support builds on GW2.And by that I mean Boon support.Want to contribute crazily to any team? Get a build that share as much as boons as you can, specially Might, fury, alacrity, and quickness.\ Some common examples: Boon HeraldAlacrity RenegadeHeal Renegade Boon Support Chronomancer Heal DruidQuickness FireBrand When outside T3, T4 Fractals, Raids and harder Strike Missions you will find out that healing is mostly optional, just change your gear for something more offen
  12. I guess Shadow Art's managed to hide from ArenaNet this time. LoL at headshot 2 seconds stun at PvE. I am a little sad that PI got nerfed again tough. This skill already cannot crit, going from 2 to 0.75 is just sad.At least keep it at 1.2 or 1.0
  13. The funniest fact is that stealth has such a heavy utility tax in Mesmer and Thief classes that if they remove the mechanic they would make both classes insanely broken due to balance compensation. But alas, people that don't even PvP prefer to complain about what they can't see instead of what actually kills then.
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