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What if everyone plays your main (assuming you have one)?

Just a funny thought. What if Anet crapped the balance seriously, and as a result your main (or whatever one single class you want) becomes the only viable choice, and in all game modes people either play your main or quit the game. What would you think if everyone plays your main?

(Also feel free to share the possible balance ideas you think that may cause this to happen..)

What if everyone plays your main (assuming you have one)? 37 votes

Good, I like it (less diversity but more fairness)
wesron.7351 1 vote
Nerf my main and buff everything else (class diversity weighs more)
Khailyn.6248Curunen.8729Undo.5091cgMatt.5162bearshaman.3421Erasculio.2914Opal.9324DonArkanio.6419InsaneQR.7412bigo.9037Bish.8627Makuragee.3058RikGant.3405Apokriphos.7042Chaarliee.2307Batel.9206Quadox.7834Girth.9731kasoki.5180Serenity.6304 22 votes
Whining on the forum for lack of diversity/players/unfair advantage (but don't nerf my main)
vyncius.6105Ark the Pie King.2064 2 votes
Buff my build and nerf everything else (until Anet craps it again and everyone plays my build)
Kumouta.4985Doto.6357Shouryu.4169 3 votes
Just buff others ( I like Powercreep Wars 2)
Other (pls specify)
anduriell.6280Cerioth.7062BunjiKugashira.9754Westenev.5289HnRkLnXqZ.1870rdfaye.4368Yannir.4132steki.1478Auburner.6945 9 votes


  • steki.1478steki.1478 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other (pls specify)
    • Laugh in their face because they suck.

    HoT tempest mains remember.

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  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭
    Other (pls specify)

    On a personal level, this can have either a positive or a negative effect. For me, someone who is obsessed with perfection in every aspect of anything, having someone playing the same thing on either side can make me either want to push as hard as possible to be #1, not to prove to others, but to prove to myself that I'm good. The negative effect would be: "Alright, I'm trash at this and there are x% of players better than me" , which would cause quitting after a while as when everything is the same, eyes always look for the top, unless one of those who are at the bottom has a unique style even if the knowledge of the modes isn't there, yet still #1 is worthy more than the rest even if it's boring meta stuff.

    Those who will be able to stay at the top will remain in the game, others will leave or just not compete, because they know when they compete, they will lose given that the resources are the same, but someone else has a born talent to fully use these resources. Therefore, having many different viable builds/classes is more than great to any game because this would address as much talent as possible and would allow even more tricks/highlights to exist. This would allow more uniqueness as everyone can be unique at a build/weapon/class/etc. which I believe is healthy to the game, and is why I hate META because it kind prevents variety and from my experience with LoL, there are METAs when if you didn't pick a meta champion, you lose, no matter how much gold you make, the maths behind each character says you'll lose. To further clarify my point, imagine the whole world had only one job, the number of unemployed people would be thousands and thousands of times than of now because the requirements to be hired would be so high that only the highly talented and the closest to perfection will get the job.

    So on a game/community level, this is devastating and I would prefer variety than routines personally, though some routines are important, it gets boring sometimes even if you're good at it.

    In terms of buffing and nerfing others, I would say that I hate how the game is right now in terms of combat, dueling right now is something like this: You hit someone for 90% of their HP, they fully heal... Now they hit you for 80%, you instantly heal to full as well, and so on... sometimes there oneshots which is a term I hated in all games as it exceeds human's reaction time (+ ping). The combat is so fast to even enjoy what's going on during it, everyone damages so fast and everyone heals so fast, hitting one another barely happens as you unleash the burst and also get unleashed upon, leaving so little space for any skillful player to shine. In LoL, there were champions so broken that you can ignore lane pressure/map knowledge and even lose in these aspects and the champion is just so broken that it can carry you regardless the skill level.

    In short, I prefer more viable varieties and I would prefer less to none power creep as it kills the joy.

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  • Yannir.4132Yannir.4132 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other (pls specify)

    I don't really care which option tbh.
    It would be kinda hilarious to have everyone play Guardian. So much Aegis.
    A 5 man party with full Zealot's gear, Radiance, Zeal and Honor. Perma-retal, massive healing, very high damage. Sounds like fun.

  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭
    Other (pls specify)

    When they did the gyro-rework on the scrapper, our numbers almost doubled. What does that mean? Normally when I do PvE meta-events and join a squad, I am the only Scrapper in the entire 50 man squad. After the patch there was another. That was already insane.

    The most funny part with this idea is, not much would change. Engineer is one of the most diverse classes you can pick. My builds allow playing on condition, support, tank, dps ... whatever you want. My main has 3-4 full ascended gear sets for almost every situation and builds which allow you to quickly switch between play-styles. I main the scrapper, which opens even more paths to diversity.

    Negatives? Of course! The overall dps would break down drastically. Some raids would almost be unplayable. My builds do not focus on efficiency ala metabattle, which means they deal sub-optimal damage. Raidcommunity would mostly quit, and almost every ex-wow player who came here to play a healer. Competitive would speed up and finally become more challenging. The fights would take a lot longer because my builds also focus on sustain.

    But in the end I would quit as well. I play the engineer also because of its underdog-theme.

  • Westenev.5289Westenev.5289 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other (pls specify)

    Nerf my main and leave everything nerfed. That sounds like the funner option.

  • Other (pls specify)

    @steki.1478 said:

    • Laugh in their face because they suck.

    HoT tempest mains remember.

    Not just tempests, but also weavers pre-nerf. So many dead wanna-be eles barely pulling 10k dps during the short time they were alive...

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  • Bish.8627Bish.8627 Member ✭✭✭
    Nerf my main and buff everything else (class diversity weighs more)

    I tried to play stuff like Holo (was my main going into PoF) and Mirage (has been my PvE main condi) but I recently went back to my very original character from game start and enjoying Spellbreaker in WvW. It's not super strong but it can take a beating and results in some fun fights, any good player on a more competitive build will win eventually, but it is fun, and that is mostly what I care about.

  • anduriell.6280anduriell.6280 Member ✭✭✭
    Other (pls specify)

    Go play pokemon in the park with my friends.
    Im not playing an rpg to have just one moba hero. Even with the actual diversity i find it limited and i would like the traits and skills to be more open so the meta is more difficult to define.

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