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WvW patch frequency

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Hello everyone,

I have a question for the development team please. May be they read the forum time to time, we got a lot of game updates the preview weeks, on the european servers, and a lot of weird behaviors in WvW.

Dear development team, can we expect a lot of updates in the coming weeks too ?

Thanks you :)



Example of stranger things after the patches
Par l'ours


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    1.21 nanohertz?!

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    Eles can stealth on mounts. Works as intended.. next.

  • Hello everyone :)

    Dear Areanet team, I hope you are well. Do you think It is possible to provide to your players some information about what happen about the weird behaviors on the european WvW servers?



    Par l'ours

  • Hello @Stephane Lo Presti.7258 and all the ArenaNet team :)

    I hope you are well and best wishes for the new year :)

    Is it possible for you to provide some information about the bugs we have on the european WvW servers? We have a lot of lag, weird behaviors, undead players and much more.
    Example of "undead":

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    If I may suggest, you should disable "Camera Shake" (General Options -> Camera).

    Besides that, no idea what happened there with the "undead player". Never seen anyone get up again after getting killed. My assumption would be, that there was some kind of desync going on - but even then it is a bit weird. I agree on lag being a big issue though, even on bigger two way fights we had quite some problems with severe lag in previous match ups. Usually it only went bad during three way fights.

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    I have seen some similarly strange thigns on NA servers as well. Players just standing there on or off their mount, you can't hurt them no matter what you try. I was reporting them for botting but I'm not so sure anymore. The other night as I was report one of those players he disappeared just to coming into view running towards me. It's like the game was still showing me where he was a few minutes ago and finally caught up to his actual position. There are also some issue of players not getting rendered some times. Like yesterday when I was get hit by an invisible guardian, it wasn't culling either cause there was no more than 5 people in that camp. 3 of us an 2 of them, well 3 counting the invisible guardian which appeared a few seconds into hitting me. I reported him but I'm not sure it was him either.

  • they are desynced. That's all. Not botting, not hacking. Your client, the server and their client disagree on their position. Usually they are actually some distance away - and if you put damage at your spot, you can even kill them. They just aren't wherre you see them.

    And yes, the frequency of this has increased a lot lately.

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    Fist vid...I see lots of ppl appearing out of air on mounts the last month or so in WvW in NA. I figured it was desync

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    ogre banner

  • There are ghosts all over WvW. Really spooky when the ghost is a guildie. Have any of you seen a ghost of yourself yet?