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  1. Are there any groups/guilds that get Verdant Brink Meta to T4? Bauble Farmers do not contribute and I'd like a T4 VB for 1 achievement completion.
  2. Stop complaining and start campaigning for a new WvW Event: Friendly Fragging Fire!
  3. Free Madam Cookie! #freecandycorncat
  4. Wish Grothmar Valley would have an annual Music Festival with Metal Legion and other bands.
  5. Totally forgot about him and his Happy Meal giveaways
  6. I didn't realize I had the Chatoyant Lens on my alt toon. I loaded into EotN a few minutes ago and was, "OMG!!"
  7. Update* If you are wearing the Chatoyant Lens you can seen A LOT of cats in EotN https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Chatoyant_Lens
  8. Has there always been named cats and other small animals in Eye of the North? I haven't noticed them before.
  9. We need underwater map! Livin' la Vida Largos!
  10. Thank you Bully, Hate, KT, Anet, and SBI for all you have done for Canis and his family. I am heart-broken again and again. I miss everything about Canis from our late-night wolf talks to his little pony.I feel like it's time for you to come home.Love you,Milly
  11. It's Earth Keep just like Wind Keep and Fire Keep! Earth, Wind, & Fire! At least that's what Anet wanted before everyone called Wind Keep: Air Keep :smile:
  12. Δtey = −2e sin M + y sin (2M + 2λp) = −7.659 sin M + 9.863 sin (2M + 3.5932) minutesΔte2y2 = Δtey − 5/4e2 sin 2M + ey sin M cos (2M + 2λp) − 1/2y2 sin (4M + 4λp)M = 2π/tYn days = MD + 2π/tYD days = 6.24004077 + 0.01720197D<3-Millyedit: No i've never done the Math
  13. Has anyone purchased the Golden Sink offered by Fion in Guild Hall? Cost 10,000 gold. If so, pic please. ATM, a guildie is asking for donations and I am worried. He needs 4000 more gold. lol
  14. So what if someone you know 'accidentally' bought 1000 of those tonics on the TP? Think they disappear at midnight? Asking for a friend
  15. I want them to stay forever! Please! If you kneel in the black citadel & grove (maybe everywhere) near the cat with the potion on small cats surround you and cuddle you!
  16. I know I'm getting older, but did the font on this forum shrink? Where my glasses?~Milly
  17. I wouldn't mind if they returned gw1 gambling emotes into gw2: /roll #, /rock, /paper, /scissors. I could go for some good player vs player gambling! Wait...I mean good-spirited sporting!
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