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  1. Ascended wasn't meant to have a whole lot of extra power. They were meant for the agony resistance infusions to progress through fractals. That is what they were originally designed for.
  2. I just want the ability to decorate my home instance like we do with the guild halls.
  3. Yes HoT had a steep l;earning curve which requires you to unlearn all the bad habits you picked up playing the core game. It's one of the reason why players are so polarized about HoT. You either love it or you hate it. You can;t just play any old build and mash buttons, you need a good build and you need to play smart.
  4. Why though? Game has no subscription, and it's really good game, why not drop like $5 bucks to support A.net? I hate RNG in general and will not pay for RNG items. I will support them by buying accounts upgrades, skins, and things like permanent harvesting tools, NOT stupid loot boxes with crappy drop rates.
  5. WvW players need to learn how to play the market to supplement their income. With the amount of spirit shards you can gain in WvW there is no reason why anyone should be poor.
  6. Meh, there are tons of ways to make gold in this game, 200g is trivial.
  7. Aside from the ones you need for the mastery points, achieve can be completely ignored. If you are "overgrinding" then it is your doing.
  8. This may not correlate. Lower revenue doesn't necessarily mean the loss of players. It could be that the player base is relatively stable, but just aren't purchasing anything. I still believe that players gravitate toward those events that bring them the most gold per hour and that those players never need to spend real money on anything as they have plenty of gold to convert to gems. I agree, but with provisos. WvW, PvP, and high-end content (hard-core) are the least populated in the game. Best guess based on surveys is a smaller portion of the player base. However, I suspect that the har
  9. Whatever I feel like doing. I play it all, raids, fractals, open world, WvW, even a bit of PvP. Sometimes it's just standing in front of the BLTC playing the market or even a JP if I feel like just wasting my time. When I stop having fun I take a break and go play something else, the last break I took lasted 3 years, yet I am still here today having fun.
  10. You could use the mentor tag and just announce in map that you need help at on the Apple. Although a Lemon tag would be a pretty neat addition.
  11. Basically Ironman Mode in a game full of 1 shot mechanics. Have fun with that.
  12. Yeah, GW2 has one of the friendliest and generous communities I have ever seen in a game.
  13. Because so far I haven't found another multiplayer game the suits me.
  14. If there is an option in my settings to ignore/block any dueling request in PvE with a default "off" setting, than why not. I just don't want to be annoyed by constant requests or random idiots running up to me waving their weapons in my face to see if I have a dueling option turned on.
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