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  • Suggestion on bounties , when you encounter a bounty mob, the bounty should become available to you without having to take it from the board, or make bounties like the daily menu. Why ? people see someone fighting a bounty mob and ignore it if they don't have the bounty or go back to town in a rush to get it, that breaks the cooperation that has prevailed on maps.

  • Manic Dogma.7854Manic Dogma.7854 Member
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    Overall I would rate this roughly equal to HoT (Though on a subjective basis, I prefer HoT). The maps are pretty, but generally extremely dull and painful to actually traverse. Mounts help, and are pretty cool in their own right, but it's too easy to get dismounted by enemies.

    But my primary complaint is that PoF does not have a story. It's a Nightfall Greatest Hits album, or a museum tour, not an actual narrative. It's far too disjointed and jarring, with far too many sudden, contrived shifts in direction and "we're going here now because convenient plot hack" moments and don't even get me started on how badly you kitten up the Vlast subplot.

    The ending goes some way toward redeeming it though, the final battle is appropriately epic (and in the actual definition of the word too) and the epilogue gives me the same feeling of anticipation the ending of Season 2 gave me leading into HoT (and which season 3 failed to achieve by the way, try to do better than the kitten that was the last few episodes of S3 next time).

    So, all in all please get back to writing GW2's story and stop solely servicing the GW1 fanboys and the entitled babies that insist the Commander get all the credit for everything ever. This is a story about coming together to face threats none of us can fight alone, not Mary Sue and friends being given all the things by everyone because they're just so kitten special.

    No I haven't forgiven you for taking the Pact out of center stage, thanks for asking.

  • Love the boss mechanics (even if I did frequently end up fighting with very little or no armour), and the ability to dodge attacks by moving to the right point inside them
    Loved the feeling of choices being significant
    Felt my character was a bit harsh on everyone (wondering if this varies with personality and how we've answered in the past, but I'm pretty sure I was dignity/charm so...)
    Springer required dropping out of the story and farming to get to which was a bit 'boring' when I wanted to see more plot.
    I wish I could have gone back to interact with my favourite Scion within story event time, or at least had more knowledge of what she was thinking as that is apparently a thing?
    In general, loved it and I just need to carry on the story and can't yet :(

  • Very well made but very shallow. Almost feel done with it already which is a shame. Reminded me of my first time playing GW2 5 years ago when I didn't care so much about rewards, sadly I do now so it felt extremely unrewarding and I felt I should be using my time somewhere else.

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    The good: The mounts. The hidden mount. Inspiring art direction, environmental design and music. Many QoL improvements (please bring these to the rest of the game).

    The meh: Solid story, but a bit too reliant on tropes by this time (go kill the big bad overlord, the third). Little that's new, apart from mounts, in terms of game mechanics and structure, it's the same grind in a different skin. Bounties get old fast. Mount change / remount is still a bit clunky.

    The bad: Underwhelming rewards: no good ascended items like Caladbolg or the LW3 trinkets. No big metas. Collections are vast and confusing, hard to keep track of. And no Kasmeer / Marjory soap opera :-) (and, more seriously, therefore no kitten / LGBT visibility).

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    Expansion is great. For a week of dedicated playtime. There's story, map completition, mounts and elite specs. Yet Elona doesn't have any particular long-term content. However the quality of story and maps (for 1st time exploration) is more than good. And champion bounties lack any reward as soon as you get the achi for them

  • Drew.1865Drew.1865 Member ✭✭✭

    The mounts have completely changed all the content and the way I played it before POF so there is a ton of stuff for me to do so honestly it will be a while before I could critique POF. So far the expac is a 10 out of 10.

  • Pros:
    Beautiful maps. Well implemented and interesting mount system. Really good storytelling and pace.
    Needs clear path forward for PoF map gifts -> legendaries. Lacks achievement point sources, but better than HoT. Tiered AP tab and expanded collections/wardrobe becoming more important.

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    I love the new maps. I think their size and depth is amazing.
    I love the new mounts.
    I love that the Griffon was not foretold in the marketing.
    I love the Southern Shiverpeaks area.
    I love the inclusion of GW1 lore.
    I love the Tomb of Primeval Kings.

    I really enjoyed the story. It had some twists I did not expect. I wish it had gone further.
    I really enjoy there are not huge map usurping meta narratives going on. I think those have a place in the game (like Dragon Stand or Orr), but I'm happy to not see them in PoF.

    I'm sad the Griffon costs so much. I am a casual player. It will probably be months before I can get it.

  • Class balance “fixes”
    Made me not buy PoF; alas
    Team needs to improve

  • Very exciting and fun. Masteries felt like I just flew through them which could be concerning. Time will tell how enjoyable PoF continues to be. Map rewards should definitely have a key/charge attached and event rewards in general could use a small helpful boost. I'm still waiting on challenging content designed for solo play, disappointed we still don't have any of that. Something like Liandri but permanent with good rewards.

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    i like that pof doesn't overwrite hot or other content. lack of waypoints is painful, though. maybe add mini-waypoints that players can spawn at when they die but not waypoint to?

    almost unrelated: can the next necromancer elite spec deal with minions as controllable and either immortal allies or rapidly acquirable squishies? cuz one of my favorite things from PoF was the story mission where you took control of the awakened troops. that entire thing was a blast, calling minions to do the work for me but also having enough control to tell them what to do and when.

    • Mounts Epic
    • Zones Epic
    • Story Epic
    • No new Large Scale Bosses -> Not cool.
  • @xiraus.4716 said:
    Suggestion on bounties , when you encounter a bounty mob, the bounty should become available to you without having to take it from the board, or make bounties like the daily menu. Why ? people see someone fighting a bounty mob and ignore it if they don't have the bounty or go back to town in a rush to get it, that breaks the cooperation that has prevailed on maps.

    you actually get all the credit when encountering a bounty someone else has called without having ever been at the board.

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    Big pretty maps, needs meta events/bosses, please buff PVE spellbreaker and never ever release one game mode (PVE/PVP/WVW) specs ever again.

    Mounts are better than HoT masteries in the sense that you still have to solve the puzzles yourself using mount abilities.

  • As a GW1 veteran parts of the expansion were amazing and parts were very disappointing. Maps are good, mounts are good, my elite spec (Mirage) is absolutely terrible and needs a complete redesign. It is a selfish DPS spec without competitive DPS, which Mesmers will never achieve without bold changes to their core illusion mechanics. Even after a decade of Nightfall feedback, you doubled down on the gods being useless cowardly deserters, discarding them as the iconic characters I've known for twelve years. I really don't understand how you could throw them in the trash with such force and finality.

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    A large improvement over HoT. Maps are not metaevent locked anymore, allowing you to explore at your own pace, FINALLY. The story is, so far, more interesting - much better villains!
    Main criticism: You REALLY need to work on class balance. It is ridiculous that druid/berserker/chrono/X/X is leagues and bounds better than any other option for pretty much any serious content. Fix that, please, and keep classes more balanced in output. One warrior does more dps support than all non-chrono classes combined, that's silly.
    Oh and please, let Marjory and Kas be happy for once.

  • Great looking maps. Fun to explore. Would have liked a map meta on some of it as they're so large. Really missed opportunity to create a long, engaging event that pulls lots of people to it. Seems obvious that the rest of LS will occur on these maps. Would have liked a WB, but I haven't done sulfer area event yet. Few QoL improvements are great. Some story instances are too long. Class balance is horrible. Scourge will ruin WvW. Classes are too focused on one thing. Some skills do too much while other professions too little. Too much condi focus. Despite lots of complaints, played smoothly for me. Story missions had a lot of dialouge I'd like to skip on re-play. Story had a lack of emotional engagement.

  • The maps are great, there are a lot of small events and things to find. Some more meta events would have been nice but at the same time there are so many small events to keep us busy that they compensate.

    Mounts are awesome.

    Holosmith needs SERIOUS work. Holosmith is severely undertuned for what it does. Obviously there is an issue with Firebrands doing 20k more dps than a dedicated dps Elite. Heck even the much maligned condi engineer does more dps than Holosmith. This is driving people away from playing Engineer (Just like Scrapper did) and I am sure you've seen the many threads about it already. Please prioritize this since class balance is key in MMOs.

    Spellbreakers need to have their bubble colored red when the enemy uses it. But I noticed you guys are looking into that, so that is great!

  • First of all, the sense of exploration and discovery are both great in POF, the story was of a much higher quality, and I had a blast exploring the maps.

    I do feel that PoF does not give a substantial amount of content to keep me playing between LW releases and the next expansion pack, and here is why:

    1. Lack of tarir-esque map metas, can say what you want but both Tarir, Chak Gerent and DS offered replayability for years.
    2. A severe lack of "Grindy" weapon or armor collections, talking about Bladed Armor/Leystone Armor, Chak/Auric/Machined weapons, and all the backpieces.
    3. The adventures feel like copy-paste, only riding around, HOT had very fun, unique adventures.

    Again, let me stress im loving my time in POF, yet I feel that, as a veteran player who plays this game for quite a few hours a week, this expansion is not offering me enough replayable content to do between Living World patches and expansion patches.

    • masteries are only for mounts. no language/dwarven runes/history mastery. they put all that in normal achievements.

    • same with adventures. all are mount centric. (especially when you have the griffon unlocked!) no tendril torchers or salvage pit adventures. we already have the races for that.

    • plus the masteries are way to fast to obtain. mostly everyone who played serious is already at 257. HoT took at least a week or two. (or even longer)

    • the heart vendors have nothing that you will come back for and everyone sells the same kitten. the LS3 heart vendors were way better.

    • meta events and bounties need more loot. or more special items like the confetti aura/infusion. put an aura/infusion on one meta on each map and ppl will play it. see egg sack. best choice would be maw and serpents ire.

    • not enough collections for weapons/armors/minis.

    • not enough JPs (I think. havent heard of or found many atm. 2 in the first map and one in a mission.)

    • why do we get all 3 armor skins from one playthrough of the story? you have to play the story three times for the banners, so why not for the armors too?

    • only one pvp/wvw track.
      additional to that: no new finishers.

    • the weird state all the recipes and acquisition for armors and weapons atm (but I hope that will be fixed soon).

  • To minimize words, here's a list:

    • Maps are outstanding, detailed, explorable, and feel "right" when navigating.
    • All elite specs have their niches and in terms of play style, are all incredibly fun (I have them all mastered)
    • The mounts are very smooth and each are unique in a positive way
    • Story mission was fun in gameplay
    • The bounty system works very well

    • Time to reward doesn't correspond well; doing a large meta like Serpent's Ire just didn't give enough reward unlike Silver Wastes and Auric Basin

    • Elite specs need split skills between game modes; some classes aren't balanced due to this
    • There should be a variety of maps, explorable + large meta (Like Dragon's Stand)
    • Inventory management is still horrendous. All karma/junk items need to be organized better.

    I still personally believe that Silver Wastes is one, if not the best, map created.

    • There is a lot of exploration involved
    • The meta is a large meta but it isn't gated behind time
    • If you just want to do events, you can do them and leave without doing the map meta and still get good rewards
    • Engaging but doable in small sized groups

    I personally believe it should be a template of how a map and its corresponding rewards is

  • Adzekul.3104Adzekul.3104 Member ✭✭✭

    Mounts are very good and almost awesome (micro-movement quirks are annoying on Springer, and Skimmer is difficult to control).

    Boss fights are just plain bad. Too many effects, over-design for raiders and people with fighter pilot reflexes, and approaching impossible for those of us who are average human beings. My heart weeps for those in the community with physical disabilities, cuz they are more and more being locked out of the key content.

    Map design is absolutely amazing and extremely immersive.

    Way too many bugs and, while the committment to patching every day is amazing and deserves praise, more bugs are being created with each patch.

    I like that HoT meta events remain relevant.

    I like that Bounty event chains are a thing.

    I like the massive variety in Mastery points events, although I must admit I am still not happy with the Sous Chef.

  • Shinymeta.7985Shinymeta.7985 Member
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    Story: 8/10

    • I LOVED the realm of the lost, but the “way out” was extremely underwhelming/cheap

    Mounts: 10/10

    • kitten perfect. This alone makes the expansion worth to me.

    Elite Specs(Soulbeast): 9/10

    • Personally, dislike that mounting will separate you from pet

    New maps: 10/10

    • Tons of flavor packets everywhere, and exploring with mounts is ultra-satisfying

    Inventory wars: 5/10

    • Unidentified gear is AWESOME, wish it was everywhere
    • New bigger bags are cool(account bound pls)
    • New Karma/trade contract consumables clog inventory(auto-consume pls)

    What’s missing?

    • Something “ultra-prestige” (legendary-level reward)
    • Collection achieves for the later weapon/armor sets
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    Not bad. Not amazing either.

    New elites are for the most part not zerg-fight viable (exc maybe Firebrand, Scourge, maybe Soulbeast and Spellbreaker). Renegade is cool, but will not see much WvW play as it doesn't fix any of the Rev's problems... We also need more shortbow users... there are 3 with elite specs... c'mon you missed the chance to do some cool stuff with engie and ele...

    Glad there is no chill spamming mobs (stares at the "Bright Star" who came up with that BS in Bitterfrost Frontier).

    Mounts are great, but handle like a 18-wheeler.

    The RNG involved in the elite spec ascendeds is terrible. The exotics are too infrequent and I am convinced that the funeral procession event is a myth created by devs...

    Story (so far) is solid. It's no Oblivion, but that's not necessarily what we're here for.

    Glad that the new maps do not invalidate the LS3 maps by also giving us ascended trinks.

    Make the Spellbreaker Elites different colors for friendly vs enemy. In zerg fights i cant tell one orange bubble from another...

  • Pretty good, I'd recommend it anywhere anytime, but

    • Advertisement, it's nonexistent. People outside the community barely even know this game still exists, if at all that there was a new expansion.

    • Build templates outside 3. party addons, which indirectly violate the ToS since they display more data as your own

    • An option for healthbars and/or some UI costumisation in general
    • Balance, split more. Otherwise some will always be useless and others OP in one mode just damage wise, not even considering different healthpools, utility, etc. End reign of Elementalists on big targets, push other zerker specs.
    • Clear Tank roles: Aggro mechanics (taunts, aggro bar). Every DPS spec, even if warrior with 19k HP should die 1 hit with 1k toughness; bam doesn't matter if ele/guard has only 12k then.
    • Stop it with making everything into a collection and add at least some quest based elements. It's boring and a clustered fragment of story telling. It makes sense for drop related items, but for flying around half the globe... not as much.
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    Story and maps flow well together for the first 2 acts. Then it goes downhill, speeding past the Desolation and Vabbi.

    Story instances were good.

    Maps are pretty and fun to explore the first time, and then there's no reason to be in them again once you've got what you want from your collections. The rewards are pitiful and the lack of a good Heart of Thorns level worldboss/meta event is unacceptable. Make a map that behaves like Silverwastes so people can explore the whole map without having to wait for certain events or timers.

    Mounts are great.

    Some elite specs are borderline terrible: Mirage and Deadeye in particular need serious buffs or redesigns, especially Deadeye's rifle abilities need help.

  • Latorn.4209Latorn.4209 Member ✭✭
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    100 words: Amazing expansion!


    • Mount exploration (lack of waypoints help with this)!
    • Amazing maps!
    • Story is fantastic!


    • Replayability of story and other things (Why isn't the sous chef minigame a replayable adventure? Why does the campaign award all skins on one playthrough, leaving limited rewards for multiple playthroughs- unlike HoT which was great with rewarding Auric/Chak weps, etc.).
    • Lack of event chains and event achievements.
    • Mastery exp was too easily gained (Down from 13.5mil to complete a track in HoT, to 2.5mil to complete a track in PoF? Need a happy medium).
  • Absolutely loving it! Everything is rich with world building!
    Biggest gripes are the mobs and mob density. Would love to be able to explore the world at a slower pace, but constantly being chased down makes traveling a chore.
    Being chased across the map just to waypoint, or being unable to enjoy the scenery because there are Veterans on a cliff for no reason at all really sucks the joy from map exploration for me.

  • Excellent Story. Despite expectations, you nailed mounts. I love the lore tidbits - Augury Rock made me squee!

    Please put more focus on the balance team, it feels very haphazard and slapdash. Also, if you don’t want to skill split, make PvE more like PvP. More incoming condi, enemy heal skills, more split objectives, less enrage timers. More focus on survive & hold instead of kill & avoid mechanics in future raids. We need more objectives and niches, or the PvE meta will continue to always be max offensive boons + stack highest DPS class.

  • Ziooo.8932Ziooo.8932 Member ✭✭✭
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    9/10 Story (BY FAR better than anything we already had in game, ending was confusing tho)
    9/10 Maps (Really well made and waaay better than HoT and some LWS3's)
    9/10 Mounts (would be better if they weren't currency gated, really fun to play with)
    8/10 E-Specs (Really good, could be higher, just need some balance overall)
    6/10 Replayable content (could be higher, just gave a break from the xpac for now)
    6/10 Mastery system (would love if one could max it without having to raid or spend 250G)
    5/10 Achievements (so far nothing that interesting, seems pretty ordinary)
    5/10 Skins (from the ones I saw, nothing i want to grab for now)
    2/10 New stats (i just know the one that comes from the armor you get from the story, and it isn't even good; i heard we have some others from players, have no idea how to get them nor what the stats are called or the att combinations they might have)

    Would rate it 8/10 (just because of the 4 higher rated ones, which were actually the ones i was looking after when i bought it. Exceeded my expectations <3 )

    Necro mains either are masochists or become masochists after a balance patch.

  • Player.9621Player.9621 Member ✭✭✭

    if youre melee and dont have 300+ healing youre screwed.

    The pointy end goes in the other man.

  • Bigger shoulders and flying mounts for us to enjoy, closer and closer it's starting to sound like another game i know.

    You swung the pendulum both ways HoT too many meta's regardless of the fact that i like them, and now PoF zero beneficial map metas that creates a void of replayability and a lack of reason to get together with people and play the game.

    You then added the griffon in an instanced based MMORPG ... where there is a limit to how many people can be seen on a single map. Flying mounts already make mmo's very empty feeling, and in an expansion with zero replayability so far. You saw it fit to make a flying mount to create an even bigger void to the people who are still playing the maps for their miscellaneous reasonings.

    The story was fun, and engaging i feel like kasmeer is still a dull character and more could have been done, but all in all with the content there is it was both visually appealing and fun to play.

  • Mostly positive:
    Very well-made maps, mounts and profession specializations.
    The story improved a lot, very unique and fun to play.
    Interactive and immersive environment and characters.

    Mostly negative:
    Achievements (in the story) were a bit too easy.
    The endgame is mostly about exploring and finishing collections, lacking in regards of pvp, raids or WvW.
    The story was very short!

    Overall 9/10 experience, needs a few tweaks but the general experience was very positive

    • Can't use salvage all greens without behing afraid to loose ecto from an Identified becoming a rare
    • End game content behind gold sink walls (hidden mount, new bags) when fractals are becoming the new dungeons
    • Lack of repeatable and accessible Guild content (inb4 LF new raid 250Li) when wings are being sold

    Noticing a canibalist slippery slope here.

    Don't throw away old content and guild-bonding please.

    Also missing large scale Boss/Events and GvG.

  • Korval.3751Korval.3751 Member ✭✭✭

    Absolutely love this expansion! The Griffon mount was a huge surprise and I was glad your team didn't make obtaining it super hard.

    That said, I guess my only critique would be the noticeable lag I've seen lately. I tested my speed on and I was hovering around 100 MBps. The lag I saw got really bad. More than a few times I pressed all keys and just idled for 30 second - 2 mins waiting. Sometimes I died when the server caught up.

  • I absolutely love the Mounts. Literally 1 of the 4 things I’ve always wanted in Guild Wars 2. Story felt short and could have been longer but it was still amazing.
    Suggestion List:
    1. Open World PvP - Make it link up with WvW. 3 Worlds on every PvE map in the game with their team colors just like WvW. Obviously separated servers (PVE only, PVP only or both.)
    2. Public Dueling: Half the time people are just sitting around waiting for events why not add this to pass the time.
    3. Add-ons: Example like squad DPS/Heal/etc. meters like for WvW.

  • Everything is great, except mabye....
    How do you get/craft/obtain... THIS ? :

  • Blaeys.3102Blaeys.3102 Member ✭✭✭

    As an individual player, it is fun and provides a lot to do - story was engaging; specs are fun; maps are beautiful and fun to play on.

    But shouldn't there be some new guild missions after 4.5 years - new bounty system is screaming for a guild version (bounty boards in guild hall, maybe). Guilds got a new hall and a handful of new decorations. Seems kinda thin.

  • eobet.4320eobet.4320 Member ✭✭
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    Where is the meta?

    Also, why was Vlast (unsure about spelling, but the first dragon you saw in PoF) so small? Felt anti-climactic.

    Rabbits look stupid. Mount skins please (yes, I’ll pay...).

    Please ban mounts in all cities (heck the casino had forbidden signs, but you could still ride it inside).

    Haven't gotten any further than that yet.

  • I would like to the see the Player Character stay true to the race that you play like if I was to play a Charr I would want the Player Character to react in a way that Charr would instead of acting human in all race scenarios. This hurts the story if your playing another race other than human. I would like to see something done with Guild Halls as well. Maybe new missions or something?

  • Love the story, love the maps, love the mounts, like the mirage, like the concept of other elites, dislike being unmounted every time i interact with anything, dislike not having build templates for future builds.

  • ListenToMe.5130ListenToMe.5130 Member ✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Bounties are too easy with a lot of people. Add a few tough ones that make people use their brains instead of Zerg. I'd like to see a META event using the giant mech from the story. It looks so awesome! On future maps, prevent the use of griffin until the map is completed. Increase the size of some bounty bosses. They are too small and underwhelming. Need gemstone mount skins.

  • The story is amazing, and the landscape is gorgeous. I keep taking screenshots like I'm on a virtual vacation. I think the events and bounties suffer due to map sizes. Everyone is so spread out that getting a good group going is difficult. I really miss the map-wide meta events. And, like others, this has me questioning if I'll come back to the maps very often after my first playthough. Mounts are fantastic, but, as a casual player, the gold grind for the final mount is worrisome. Alternative in-game tasks would've been appreciated.

  • The Last Hobbit.6492The Last Hobbit.6492 Member ✭✭
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    Pacing, character, tone, twists.
    Mixture of excitement and conversation.
    Optional dialog.


    Places to explore and things to discover.
    Soloable Hero Points.
    Diversity of terrain, biomes and threats


    Beautiful visuals.
    Desert thematics




    I just want more. I'd pay for more.


    Desolation and Vabbi need larger-scale metas like Tangled Depths orDragon's Stand.
    (3 exploration maps + 2 meta maps is perfect)


    Poor balance and lack of options for some specs
    Holosmith + Deadeye balance
    Lack of viable healers, tanks or supports for end-game content

  • The best: Firebrand has finally made me enjoy playing with my guardian.
    The worst: I really was expecting Mystic Coins to drop somehow.

    Story is short but enjoyable. There's a big lack of stuff to farm (bounties rewards are ridiculous; merchant caches are way too expensive; buried chests are too slow to obtain).

  • M-E-T-A-E-V-E-N-T-S

    they made the maps feel so alive and Mouth of Mordemoth was the coolest thing in this game. How do you not do more?

  • Esterie.7409Esterie.7409 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Story was great & fulfilling, more in depth than HoT with a great cliffhanger.
    Mounts are a joy, for both the new maps and core Tyria.
    Seeing familiar places and characters was very nostalgic.
    BEAUTIFUL maps (even story instances like the library).

    Eater of Souls fight was VERY frustrating. The only fight in the story I struggled with. Had to cheese it after trying for over an hour.
    Would have liked at least one map-wide meta a la AB or TD, or even a "part time" meta like VB.

    - — World Completion — -

    17 // 42

  • The story was incredibly well-made. The maps are distinctly fresh while also being nostalgic. So much depth of design and interactivity; you can tell how much love and attention went into building everything.
    Mounts are fun, and the hidden mount is an incredible addition, again with plenty of thought put into it. Masteries gel together nicely.
    Elite specs are healthy, providing unique gameplay from the previous professions/specs. Not all of them are my favorite, but that's okay-- ANet really branched out with some of these, and it shows. That's awesome to see, even if the results aren't always ideal.

    That's my 100 words.
    If I'm allowed to go further, I'd add this:

    The difficulty could be toned better; the majority is painfully easy while a couple minor areas are surprisingly tough.
    I love the conclusions to the mysteries we've come across so far, but I hope that doesn't mean we're done exploring the old mysteries of Tyria.
    I'm glad we're turning the focus back to dragons as POWERFUL entities, because HoT and LS3 really failed to make them intimidating. Right now, Kralkatorrik is everything he needs to be, and I'm excited to see where you guys go with it.
    I love the freedom that came with large maps. Certainly, I wish more happened within those spaces, but for the first time in a while, I felt like it was more of a real world than just a large "event" all crammed together. The scale of the world is perfect, but it could use a bit more to fill in the spaces than just mobs.

    All-around, I'm very happy with this expac. It could use a bit more map replayability, but I know that's a delicate balance to figure out.

  • I love PoF more than HoT. I find the story much more interesting, thou both were still very good. Im just enjoying PoF much more. The Raptor mount animations are the best! Can you please give more dye channels on mounts thou just one is so limiting. I havnt gotten thou everything but plan to in time, im a slow player on completing content but im loving almost everything so far.

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