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  1. No need to believe. They said in the last post they don't want AI heavy builds to be competetiv viable. Ranger is officially dead in PvP in high ranks as it doesn't have any non-AI-Heavy builds by design.
  2. Does this only apply to non-ranger classes/necromancer specifically or does this mean that ranger will be forever in the gutter or do we get an complete rework with the expansion? Ranger is by design AI-heavy, so there is no space for ranger with this philosophy applied to all classes.
  3. I would literally be amazed if this was true, and dumb founded by lack of foresight. Do you have proof of this hilarious oversight by the devs? @voltaicbore.8012 You're correct, balance does come into play whether I want it or not. I just don't think any of the mixes would particularly outshine plenty of things in the game already. It's not an oversight, that's just how the game functions. When this game was made they weren't planning to release an expansion or literally change how classes work. As someone who does some programming, and doing plenty of architectural IT work. Not expecting
  4. Well with Pharus you get the column of light when you crit with the Barrage. Other than that yes i agree with would be cool to have those 2 skills (rev and ranger) resskined so they apply the effects. I was worst with nevermore and the druid. Because the druid staff skills do not use any projectiles (not even the astral wisp) no legendary projectile effect would be applied.They change it later to show crows with the autotattack but not the astral wisp or the Ancestral grace. Astral Wisp is a projectile before it hits an enemy. Every absorbed projectile from Sublime Conversion also turns int
  5. Only projectiles are different. Longbow 5 is not a projectile and doesn't get an effect. The normal arrows are different than a normal bow. This also applies for Kudzu. Revenant shortbow 4 is similiar in visual effect to Ranger Barrage and doesn't get a different effect either with a legendary shortbow.
  6. Do you kill those mobs with your cook that did that has atleast 400 cooking? If I remember correctly only this character works, every other char can't get that drop. And only moas in Diessa Plateau count.
  7. Why so? The game gives you plenty of options to deal with projectiles, Feerback/WoR/CorrosiveC/Ch3T3/Smokescreen just to name some, obviously Ventari is kinda op in that case, but still, you have a lot of alternatives if you stop thinking that you have to burst down the boss as soon as possible. My group is definitely not a pro group and we never struggle at Siren, no matter which instabilities are up.If you pug, just ask pugs to cooperate. if they refuse, that is what is killing you, not the fractal. That's the thing i'm against, it forces you to bring a specific build/class in order to chee
  8. Agree, it's the only Elite Spec designed around healing and it's not desired in end game healing because its so clunky. Can't really say that it isn't desired in end game content.It packs good heals, can provide lots of might by itself, and also has a bunch of unique buffs for the party with frost spirit/spotter to boost the damage of the whole team. Never saw that a druid is unwelcomed in a party. Its not meta anymore; its only taken in raids because Spirits affect ten people. And even in raids, the backup healer (Ele) provides most of the raw healing, while the Druid is taken mainly for dam
  9. Shadow plays ranger thoFunniest thing is... he was very defensive about birds and 2 months laters he basically saying the same as I did... It took 2 month to realize. (apparently "just kill the pet" doesnt work anymore :D ) People use birds out of need, not "abuse". Times change. Well that's not true and you know it. Smokescale is a much better pet in utility and Gazelle is a CC machine making it easier to control or utilise maul or rapid fire. There's a reason any experienced ranger is moving onto these 2 pets and it's because we all know bird damage is utterly insane across every ability and
  10. I think you meant to link thishttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/1181845#Comment_1181845What I'm supposed to see here? An old meme "just kill the pet" ?Also more deflection from the insane trait synergy of Wilderness Survival, the problem with rangers wasn't just the pets or marksmanship line or greatsword, it was the complete package where it was simply better than anything other classes had.Was it a secret for anyone that WS has goodies like protection/cleanses/passive poison/natural vigor all in 1 traitline?As I said originally, ranger needs a hard nerf to some aspects but m
  11. It's still a projectile feature. All projectiles behave like this.It's around 1,7k not 1,8-1,9k. It is around 10~12% of the tooltip range.
  12. Which has a bugged (1.8k-1.9k) range since who knows when While mesmer has bugged (less damage than intended) mirror blade, double bugged power block (3s icd, doesn't increase maul's CD). But the range is not bugged... It's a bow feature comfirmed from the devs.
  13. So nerf the modifiers, nerf Ferocity from BM to 150 or 200 and it would be fine.Nerf the base damage and ranger gets forced even more into those gimmicky burst builds and every build is a variation of MM+WS+BM/SB. Or just vanishes completly from PvP.
  14. Ranger needs a marksmenship and damage modifier rework. Then look at the damage that is left and adjust accordingly.
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