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  1. Maybe they are going to add Phoenixes to the Canthan Expansion? This is very interesting indeed! The name Vermilion could be Anet being creative with the name of the Weapon but the actual feather could be them changing the phoenix from the original Gw1 standard green variant and the Eye of the North Phoenix to a more elemental one. Oh and here is the other Variant. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Rainbow_Phoenix
  2. Well actually in gw1 there was a pet called Phoenix with if i recall 2 variants. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Phoenix_(pet) This link should take you to the gw1 wiki.
  3. On the matter of Rytlock, Ryland or Crecia being killed off during this arc its hard to say. If they do go that path i would have to say that Crecia would not offer much pay off since she was only just introduced in Bound by Blood. Ryland i would have to say is safe since they seem to be putting effort into trying to throw doubt that he is just a mindless soldier and actually might turn on Bangar. Also they are trying to make him somewhat likable. Rytlock imo is by far the most in danger for kill off if they go this path. The payoff of his kill off would make a significant impact for he has b
  4. Salute to the fallen. It has been a rough ride old friend you shall be missed. Signed,Pride Given Form, Vigil soldier
  5. The fun part will be guessing "why" it hunts us. I mean i have a few guess but if this thing is not connected to Jormag hmnm then who?
  6. Wasnt wolverine a spirit that was also consumed? I mean owl wasnt the only one if i recall.
  7. Great trailer, looking forward to this one. Also hopefully a background change? Would be awesome to go along with the theme. ?
  8. Zhaitan was the first and made a big impression for me conceptwise. The writhing mass of sewn together corpses was at the time awesome (which is why secrectly hoping for a rework of his fight to do him justice tbh). Kralks fight was good but as previously stated the flip floppery of him felt like a let down. Mordremoth had that emperor of darkness feel that was also cool but didnt quite hit the spot for. However am looking forward to seeing how Jormag will fare, could possibly be awesome. Here's hoping ?.
  9. This is quite a stretch, i could possible see (depending on where they take the story) a world where the remaining 5 Elder Dragons are replaced with Dragons of varying breeds & types. Aurene being the ambassador of the Dragons to Mortals and a threat from beyond the mists appear. You could say this enemy would be called "Outsiders" and the 6 Dragons Roles are pillars or Guardians of the realm. I also have a feeling that the whole Kralk went crazy due to magic overdose is a misdirection. One theory i have is something got into the magical waters of this realm and infected the 6 elder dragon
  10. to be precise she is 3 or 3.5 years old, she hatched in 1329 i believe and ascended to Elder status in 1332. In a comedic kinda way phenomenal world rendering powers in the palms of a toddler.
  11. I mean i do not know the direction in which they are taking this story but i agree that "One dragon to rule them all" is dull as dull.. I would prefer we either some how learn to purify the remaining 3 or find/hatch replacements and raise them to ed stats maybe both.
  12. And in GW1, Eye of the North had a scrying pool for the player to find where to go. i totally agree that would be an interesting combo.
  13. Rat pet makes its triumphant return! But jokes aside at this point i dont expect much, as i am a wait and see kinda guy.
  14. Over the years i have played i have reported many players that were obviously botting, and action had been taken against them. To this day i don't see them anymore so Anet is listening and taking action it just is a ongoing battle for countering botters.
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