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  1. Fasthand isn't the only reason people play discipline, I would play disc on all my builds even if FH was baseline. They play discipline because everything you need as a warrior is there (power, condi, support, doesn't matter, you need stuff in that spec whatever your build). Putting the banner trait back in tactics and fast hand in arms, now that would shift stuff. Because now if you play an elite spec you would need to pick arms + discipline or arms + strength (or forgo FH and play str/disc) for dps and you would have to put away discipline or arms if you play banners in raid (bec
  2. I agree, they should make generic +100 buffs and give those to several classes to increase diversity. That way they could even remove several bonuses from some banners and repurpose them for something else, like stability on hit or heals when struck etc.
  3. As a hotfix, if they can't find a solution, why not just add 60s to gold and silver in the mean time. That way people can do it and they have time to work on a real fix.
  4. I'm pretty sure the template devs are UI devs. Those guys need to stop what they are doing and make the templates work and be usable.
  5. No, that's not a good idea. that would make a x/torch combo have 2 symbols. It wouldn't be balanced anymore or you'd need to have all 2H weapons to get a 2nd symbol and shield and focus get one too. Symbols need to stay one the main hand.Too much stuff to change, reworking the torch is better and safer.
  6. Money-wise the equipment slots you gain are not even a good point as it costs more to get an equipment tab than getting a bag slot. A bag slot is cheaper and with the gem difference you can get more than a 32-slot bag. While an equipment tab has 19 slots. So you're losing money by slots. The sad part is I'm sure it's not the coder's fault, because while the feature is not perfect, if it was not locked behind a huge paywall that no one is going into (because we don't have the money), with one or 2 minor fixes (and more tabs) it would work fine.It's the commercial department that is either not
  7. With Symbolic Power, you can get 6-7 stacks on 5 targets. It's decent for pve. Afaik torch 5 is not a symbol.I think he's talking about using the torch skill in addition to a symbol, since they use the same justice hit count.
  8. There is no confusion. They just didn't add template, they unhid the previous pve/pvp/wvw template.Before you had 3 hidden templates, one for pve, one of pvp, one for wvw. When they switched, they revealed all 3, but pvp doesn't have an equipment template, because we have the pvp interface instead. This is why there are 3 build templates and 2 equipment templates. The "third" one is the PVP amulet/rune/sigil panel. Guys, the only thing we got from this was the 6 account-bound build storage slots. Everything else was already ingame.
  9. By the way, now that we are talking money. Some people in ingame chat said very concerning things. They said that due to a bug in the first moments after the updates they spammed the free build template expansion in the gemstore and ended up with multiple free ones.Is that true ? What are you doing about that ?
  10. Not 100% sure, but your wvw template should assigned to one of them anyway so worst case scenario you can click on it in your hero panel or add a key bind for it I just tested it, it doesn't auto switch for builds. You have to go in the hero panel and switch it, and then switch it back when you go back in pve. It's more tedious than before.
  11. Because that's what they did. They didn't give 3 build templates. The first 3 build templates are what were the old hidden pve/wvw/pvp templates. They just unlinked the templates to the game modes. The only players that it advantages are the players that only play in one game mode. If you do pve, wvw and pvp nothing changes, and it's actually worse because now you have to watch which template you modify because it auto saves it. The system is actually worse for someone that doesn't want to use templates.
  12. Equipment tabs are deifinitely not a good deal. A equipment tab is 500 gems for 19 items (a complete set, 6 jewelries, 7 armour parts, 6 weapons ), and can only have one set (so slots are item locked), whereas a bag slot is 400 gems for up to 32 slots of anything you want. As it is, I'm sticking with the bags, I prefer to manually switch (which is 30s top) and have more space. If it was 500 gems for 1 tab for every chars in the account, that would be something else. But 500 gems for one tab and one char is too much.
  13. Everyone also seems to keep forgetting that Templates in GW1 didn't have to deal with the type of gear system this game has. In fact, it didn't even deal with its own gear system. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Template GEAR STATS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Build Templates only have to deal with Skill slots and Attribute points..... both of which are completely independent from gear. GW1 also had 4 weapon slots you could load up on the fly, and for the vast majority of builds the only necessary gear change was a spare helmet with a different rune on it. Build slots for GW2 could do the externa
  14. The issue is not that it's not free is it's server side. The issue is the price. They are charging each template for more than 100 gems (how much is it ? 400 gem ?). Let's be clear, a template file for a char isn't going to be more than 32 kb (maybe 64 kb if you have more than 50 templates on a char), a template string is maybe 1 kb at most, counting equipment. If you have 10 chars it's what, 500kb maybe. So for each additional template they are charging you 100 gems ($1.25) for 10 kb of space on the server (if your account has 10 chars). There is no version of this where 10Kb costs 1.25 on a
  15. GW1 had gear template as well. The template feature in gw1 is complete. Nothing is missing, gear, skills, attributes, even for heroes and you can share the template to another person simply by sending the file or just the template string with a copy paste. It's simple, ergonomic and doesn't takes much resources. The only reason they made it overcomplicated in gw2 was to justify the price. We didn't ask for it like that, this isn't what people had in mind when they thought of a template feature.I would have been fine with a one off price, like 800 gems for single limit of 100 builds per char.
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