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  1. The finale next week will tie into EoD, they've said that since October.I think they're doing the right thing by keeping it quiet until after the saga has ended. The smartest decision is to start building hype after IBS has ended with a teaser, Which judging by their private videos on Youtube is probably what they're going to do. After that I hope it's a steady flow of trailers for at least 2 months to give time for people outside the GW2 community to hear and get excited about the expansion. If they can get the steam release in before or close to EoD's release that'd be great too.
  2. With Legendary Items you can already put in and take out runes, sigils and infusions freely. I do agree that legendary runes and sigils are not worth the cost for a set, Even more so if you have legendary armor/weapons since It's much cheaper to just buy some bank space and keep your runes and sigils in there. Hopefully with the legendary armory they look into it.
  3. I think now is the perfect time to get back into the game, The current season is ending this month and the expansion shouldn't be too far behind. Depending where you left off you can get caught back up just in time to continue into End of Dragons.I didn't play back in 2016 but I find the game very solo friendly. Maybe try out some classes and builds until you find one that's right for you.As for gear, Ascended Trinkets are very easy to get by farming Living world maps especially Borja marches. Armors and weapons might take a bit longer but there's no rush, exotics can be bought on TP and work just fine until you get what you need.
  4. Happens for me too, No other skin gives issues but this one. Please also fix the red lines on it's face.
  5. I think It'd be best for the game if They did the same thing for Trinkets as they have done for the Legendary Armor and Backpacks and have a version of each in all game modes, there's no reason not to, all it takes is making a new recipe and some new orb effect.I understand wanting to entice players into game modes but having a legendary item exclusive to raids/wvw/pvp is hardly a solution. I'd love to see new trinkets but I think the breather might be next and maybe a legendary infusion depending on how the Armory will work.
  6. I don't mind the theme of Druid, Celestial magic with glyphs and healing still work well in my opinion. But gameplay-wise I wish it was different. The one thing I wish I could change is the CA Mechanic, a spec mechanic that last 15 seconds and is locked behind a gauge and a cooldown just isn't fun to me. I'd rather less healing on the skills if I could have the freedom to toggle in and out of CA. This would fix the issues I have with Glyphs too.
  7. I'd settle for regular balance patches that take care of over performers but also look into under performing classes and specs. Events are nice but if it's the same classes doing the same roles for months on end then gameplay is still going to feel stale either way.
  8. Beetle shouldn't be that difficult to get, I don't remember it taking too long. GW2 is a game where guides are your friend. Without a guide collection achievements take much much longer. Here's a guide all on one page, do it step by step and you'll have it in no time.http://dulfy.net/2018/06/27/gw2-roller-beetle-mount-unlock-and-collections-guide/ If you want something more in depth here's a video showing exactly the paths to take.
  9. Stealth works for thief because the class is built around it and lacks in other areas. Stealth is a very strong mechanic, If you give easy access stealth to all classes It'd throw any form of balance out the window.Introducing just one of those sigils you could do perma stealth ranger with rune of the trapper. Imagine how strong that would be...
  10. I actually think the Desert is an amazing map, You can tell how much work went into it and I wish the older maps got updated to be similar.The problem with the Desert is it's size, as an EB it's size would be okay but as a borderlands It takes way too long to traverse if something is being attacked on the other side of the map. There's also some siege spot issues but those could be fixed easily if the devs ever wanted to tend to WvW maps.
  11. I think the game was doing ok but there were obvious problems with how they wanted to do things going forward, A living world only format was never going to draw in or retain players like semi-regular expansions would and I think that was realized half way trough the Icebrood saga. So not necessarily an emergency button but similar. I'm just glad they realized it and decided to do what's best.
  12. Icebrood Saga ends at the end of the month with the last champions episode. I imagine the finale will tie into EoD since the first description we got on them was that the finale would be felt "even across the sea".I'm glad they haven't said much on EoD yet, It's much smarter to start promo closer to release. I'm hoping they give us at least 2 months of proper trailers and promotion to hype up the expansion. They'll have been working on it for almost a year it'd be a shame if they didn't promote or give time for word to spread outside of the GW2 bubble.
  13. There's been no Announcements or even updates since September 2020.People have been speculating that it'll be coming soon for over a year. We all hope that It'll be released with or close to the expansion but in reality we don't know anything. The Mystic coin prices is an unrelated thing that has been an ongoing thing for a couple of months now.
  14. WvW rewards system is so strange to me.The rewards in general are very low in comparison to other game modes and I don't get why they decided to tie it so heavily to time spent in game over anything else, I wish they'd change the system to reward capping and defending and holding objectives more.
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